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The Oxford University Light Entertainment Society is a non-profit making group dedicated to putting on shows for those who cannot normally travel to the theatre, taking plays to special needs schools, hospitals and retirement homes. We are a small, informal group and aim to encourage first time actors, directors and writers.

If you have enquiries about the society, get in touch with our president: Seb

Fairest of them All

Once upon a time, there was a magical forest complete with wizard, witch, and horrible monsters. Follow the story of Little Red Riding Hood as she prepares to do battle with the Big Bad Wolf (and her inner demons); follow the tale of the increasingly dubiously named Prince Charming as he attempts to find a wife; and follow the Fairy Godmother as she trains some new recruits in the art of wish-fulfilment. Featuring Snow White and the less than Seven Dwarves, Sleeping Beauty and the nationwide Health and Safety epidemic, Rapunzel and the inappropriate tower ascension methods and many more.

Join us on a light hearted re-imagining and intertwining of much-loved classic fairy tales complete with classic OULES wordplay, musical silliness, and wit all in the name of charity!

Corpus Christi Auditorium
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of 8th Week (30th Nov, 1st Dec, 3rd Dec)

Costs just £4 for concessions (students, senior citizens, etc) or £5 otherwise, and all profits will go to charity.

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Latest News

Fairest of them All Trailer

We're very pleased to present a bonus glimpse into Fairest of them All in the form of our wonderful trailer! Take a look and don't forget to reserve tickets for next week!

Fairest of them All: Final Glimpse

In our final Fairest of them All glimpse we are very proud to present the poster for the show! Look forward to seeing these wonderful posters across Oxford, and be sure to reserve tickets to come and see the show - we look forward to seeing you there!

Fairest of them All: Glimpse 6

Our penultimate glimpse into Fairest of them All introduces the mysterious Wizard and his delightful hat! Keep your eyes open tomorrow for our final glimpse.

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