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Elizabeth Baldwin

User Level: Ex-ÜberOULE
  • Wadham from 1999
  • Balliol from 2003
  • Somerville from 2007
  • Nuffield from 2008
  • Balliol from 2011


Hilary 2000Charley's AuntLord Fancourt Babberly
Michaelmas 2000Dick TurpentineFairy Blobmother
Hilary 2001An Ideal HusbandLord Goring
Trinity 2001Arsenic and Old LaceMr. Witherspoon
Michaelmas 2001Sleeping BeautyFairy Stofthemall
Hilary 2002The Canterville GhostLord Archibald Archibald
Trinity 2002The Three MusketeersJean Bonacieux
Jesuit Priest
VOLES 2002Charley's AuntJack Chesney
Michaelmas 2002AladdinQueen Bea
Hilary 2003The Wind in the WillowsToad
Trinity 2003Robin Hood and the Legumes of DoomEric
Hilary 2004DraculaJack Seward
Trinity 2004The Canterbury TalesMan of Law / Chanticleer
Michaelmas 2005Dick WhittingtonAlderman Fitzwarren
Michaelmas 2009Show White and the Seven Vertically Challenged Treasure HuntersCirce
Hilary 2010Villainy!Brother Spanner

Flosscars Wins

  • Best Impersonation of a person of the Opposite Sex: for Lord Fancourt Babberly (Charley's Aunt)
  • Best hero: for Lord Goring (An Ideal Husband)
  • Best caricature of oneself: for the Fairy Blobmother (Dick Turpentine)
  • Best Ad Lib: for repositioning the stage when an old lady sat on the props (An Ideal Husband)
  • Best Showing at a Cast party: for inviting people in to see the chips she had just... er... deposited in the sink!
  • The AAA (Alcoholics Anonymous Award) Most Drunk OULE:
  • Best impersonation of a member of the animal kingdom impersonating a member of the opposite sex for Toad being Maddy (The Wind in the Willows)
  • The 'Beyond the call of duty' award for doing website

Flosscars Nominations

  • Best Love Scene: for "Would you be my little floweret?" (Charley's Aunt)
  • Best onstage tantrum: for announcing she would not dress as a woman - "Oh no I'm not!" (Charley's Aunt)
  • Best Love Scene: for Mabel and Lord Goring (An Ideal Husband)
  • Best Impersonation of a person on the opposite sex: for Lord Goring (An Ideal Husband)
  • OULE of the Year:
  • Best speech: for Lord Goring explaining why he couldn't get married (An Ideal Husband)
  • Best Showing at a Cast party: for getting spectacularly drunk at every party
  • Best Villain: for Fairy Stovthemall (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Best Double Act: for Fairy Stovthemall and the Evil Minion (The Canterville Ghost)
  • Best ad-lib: for "You don't like girls, do you," (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Best ad-lib: for talking about tennis while Duncan wouldn't come on. (The Canterville Ghost)
  • Best speech: for the "There's nothing I can't do" speech (Sleeping Beauty)
  • The "cliff edge" award for the person most likely to lower the tone of conversation: (We husted for this on the night.)
  • The "Beyond the call of Duty" Award: for the mailling lists and website
  • Best impersonation of a member of the opposite sex: for Jack (Dracula)
  • Best hero: for The King
  • Best villain: for Grand Vizier
  • Best drink: for being a cup of tea
  • Best inanimate object: for Milk jug & Teacup (Alice In Wonderland)

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