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 |**Term**|**Show**|**Part/​Role**| |**Term**|**Show**|**Part/​Role**|
 |Trinity 2019|[[shows:​robin hood2|Robin Hood]]|Tiny Jacqueline| |Trinity 2019|[[shows:​robin hood2|Robin Hood]]|Tiny Jacqueline|
 +==== Flosscar Nominations ====
 +|2020|•Best Group/​Double Act for The Mighty Maids ([[shows:​Robin Hood2|Robin Hood]]) \\ •Best Couple for Jack and Jill ([[shows:​Robin Hood2|Robin Hood]]) \\ •Best Cock-Up Backstage or During a Rehearsal for Breaking Their Sticks the First Time They Tried to Fight ([[shows:​Robin Hood2|Robin Hood]])|
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