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The Canterville Ghost (Hilary, 2002)


Mr. Otis-Duncan Coutts (Worcester)
Mrs. Otis-noga zivan (Wadham)
Virginia Otis-Julia Short
Pet Otis-Andrea Watts
Sonny-Boy Otis-Lydia Menzies
Sir Simon Canterville
(A Ghost)
-Jhon Polatch
Lord Canterville
(Owner of Canteville Castle)
-Sam Baker
Mrs. Nora Umney
(The housekeeper)
-Jenny Fawson
Lord Archibald Archibald
(A Neighbour)
-Elizabeth Baldwin (Wadham)
Dowager Duchess/Maid/Duchess of Tours-Claire Cruise
Director-Nicole Gera
Producer-Sam Baker
By-Oscar Wilde
Adapted for the stage by-Tom Taggart

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best Double Act:Lydia and Andrea for the twins
The "Beyond the call of duty" award, for going beyond the call of duty :Andrea for going on with a VERY badly sprained ankle

Flosscars Nominations

Best hero:Jhon for the Ghost
Best Heroine:Julia for Virginia
Best Villain:John for the Ghost
Best Double Act:Elizabeth Baldwin (Wadham) and Julia for Fairy Stovthemall and the Evil Minion
The "Ooh you lovey" award for actually being able to act:Jhon for the Ghost
Best ad-lib:noga zivan (Wadham), Elizabeth Baldwin (Wadham) and Julia for talking about tennis while Duncan wouldn't come on.
Best on-stage fuck-up:Duncan Coutts (Worcester) for failing to come on stage
Best dodgy accent:Andrea and Lid for the twins
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