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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Rome (Hilary, 2008)


Aeneas-rk hughes (hertford)
"so many abandonment issues"
Achates-Dan Artus (Regent's Park)
"stop digging"
Euryalus-Maria Dudareva
"well, what?"
Ilioneus-Rhoslyn Beckwith (St. Hilda's)
"die you ham-fisted cretin!"
Laocoon-Hannah Mycock
"live and learn, hopefully"
Anchises-Daniel Browne
"good visual tableau"
Priam-Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield)
"mmmm... purple"
Hektor-Radostina Christova (St Hildas)
"you muppet!"
Nisus-Olly Wallis
"you did it again!"
Everybody Else
Dido-Lotty Spurrell
"come into my cave"
Venus-Rose Elliott
"hello, boys"
Narrator-Elizabeth Shanahan (St Hilda's)
"arma virumque"
Turnus-Sara Aultman
Sibyl-Daniel Rawnsley
"welcome to Hell"
Charon-Laith Dilaimi
"bothering badgers"
Ulysses-Mariel Harrison (St Hilda's)
"I prostrate myself before you"
Sinon-Jon Foulds
"Look at the kitten"
Neptune-Tom Perkins (New)
"I'm going back to bed"
Diana-Iona Sharma
"without washing your hands first?"
Juno-Laith Dilaimi
"A spot apopletic"
Monty-Jacob Lloyd
Nick Clarke
"kill me!"
Cerberus-James McNally
Annabel Morley
Matthew Robinson (Wadham)
"designed like a banana"
Shepherd 1-Tom Perkins (New)
"forn up thar"
Shepherd 2-Johannes Woolard
"that big 'orse"
Cheese-Liina Pihel
"I'm a strong cheese"
Cheese Grater-Rory Morrison (Mansfield)
"Rigatoni Con Pollo"
Menelaus-Laura Morris
"don't want to commit hubris"
Teucer-Nick Clarke
"come back wretched man"
Ajax-Tom Perkins (New)
Sally the Assassin-Sally Outen (Ex-Worcester)
"not mentally equipped"
Ooter the Plumber-Radostina Christova (St Hildas)
"screwign pipes"
Helen-Nick Clarke
All others-Chloe Stopa-Hunt
Director / Producer-Jon Foulds
Iona Sharma
Written by-Jon Foulds
Iona Sharma
with material by-Phil Scott
Matt Hosty
Special Thanks to
for providing the auditorium-St John's College
Technical Expertise-Richard Owen (Ex-Lincoln)
Dan Browne
Lighting Hire-Alex Prideaux
Front of House-Meredith Carew

Script and Programme

    Flosscars Wins

    Best inanimate objectRory Morrison (Mansfield) and Liina for Cheese and Cheese-Grater

    Flosscars Nominations

    Best Cock-UpSally Outen (Ex-Worcester) for swallowing copious amounts of talc
    The Sally Outen Award for Most Gloriously Surreal MomentThe talking horse / Ulysses / Agammemnon and his enormous corgette flashback scene
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