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Robin Hood: Merrymen-T, Maidens and Madness (Hilary, 2009)


Cast (in order of appearance):
Narrator-Tom Bishop
"Hungry, cold and slightly moist"
Alfonso the Great-Charlotte Hindley (Mansfield)
"I'm dead, in case you haven't noticed"
Brian-Matthew Williams (mansfield)
"it's time..."
Basil-Emma New (St Hildas)
"Choppy Choppy wabooo!"
Gladys-Eilise Norris
"GASP! The dirty swine!"
Prudence-Hannah Snell (Balliol)
"HOWL! sob... sob..."
Robin Hood-Mariel Harrison (St Hilda's)
"over-sexed bitch"
Bill Magenta-Charlotte Spurrell
"homo..cidal bravery"
Much Ado-Tom Perkins (New)
"cheating little furballs"
Curved Slightly-Jessica Law (St.Anne's)
"skilled in the ancient art of spoon playing"
Little John-Marcus Garner-Hatcher (Lincoln)
"grossly inappropriate"
Maid Marian-Alice Fletcher
"Let's mount up shall we?"
Madame Miriam-Dan Artus (Regent's Park)
"I'll show you a cock-up!"
Sherriff of Nottingham-Ben Elliott
"I'm evil, don't you know it?"
Henrietta-Kate Morris (St Hildas)
"he's only my first cousin"
Death-Sally Outen (Ex-Worcester)
"Ha. Ha. Ha."
Errol-Rob Day
"quite a STRETCH"
Gertrude-Radostina Christova (St Hildas)
"this muffin contains a number of things I don't care for"
Florence-Alice Codner
"warm milk and your bear"
Directors-Fabby Styles (Oriel)
Rory Morrison (Mansfield)
"I'm f***ing in charge!"
Producer-Sasha McKenna (St Hildas)
Technical Directors-Dan Browne
Liina Pihel
Script and Music-Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield)
"Please Gordon's, give me some ginspiration!"

Script and Programme

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