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Indiana Jones and the Pantomime Horse (Hilary, 2009)


Cast (in order of appearance):
Indiana Jones-Sasha McKenna (St Hildas)
"I've got a bad feeling about this"
Out-Rui Ramalho
"Green and Wrinkly"
Ernst Zimmerman-Jonathan Sims (St. Hilda's)
"Zuper to be bad"
Fook-Thomas Woolley (St Johns)
"Whose name is not important"
Pat-rk hughes (hertford)
Fritz-Oli Elliott
"doing what we do best"
Hans-Catherine Offord
"with a fork"
Betty-Charlote Spurrell
"God Bless America!"
Herb-Mike Bagshaw (Mansfield)
"older than America!"
Emphysema-Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield)
"cataloguing your father's"
Customer and Guide-Felicity White (Merton)
"such a dish"
Dorf von Handlanger-Dan Rawnsley
"zere ARE no more!"
Wichtig von Handlanger-Charlotte Hindley (Mansfield)
"never wanted to be bad"
Mustafah-Duncan Coutts (Worcester)
"Indy, Look!"
Scienist-Richard Batty
Status-Hugo Holmes
"down-pointing-hand pencil hand-with-pencil-in-it flag bomb"
Director-Jesse Harber
Mike Bagshaw (Mansfield)
"Line Nazi"
Producer-Sasha McKenna (St Hildas)
Technical Directors-Dan Browne
Liina Pihel
Script-Richard Owen (Ex-Lincoln)
Musical Director-Catherine Offord

Script and Programme

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