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Good Show, Jeeves! (VOLES, 2000)

"Tell me - do you know everything, Jeeves?"
"I really don't know, sir"
P.G. Wodehouse was born in 1881, and educated at Dulwich College. He was in the Hong Kong and Shanghai bank for two years before getting a job on the 'By the way' column of the Globe. His first stories were school stories written for The Captain, in one of which Psmith make his first appearance. in 1909 he paid a visit to America and sold two short stories for $300 a piece, and decided to remain there. By the time of his death he had written over seventy books.

"Good Show, Jeeves!" is compiled from 'The Impending Doom' in Very Good, Jeeves; 'The Purity of the Turf' in The Inimitable Jeeves; and extracts from Right-ho, Jeeves. Certain changes have been made to the actions of characters, in order to maintain a relative coherence, and apologies are offered to the experts for any liberties taken. Likewise it is hope that Mr. Wodehouse himself will look kindly on our tribute.


Bertie Wooster-Kate Broadhurst
"...You are an anti-social animal, Bertie, a drone."
Jeeves-Richard Owen (Lincoln)
"...If ever in the whole history of human affairs there was a moment when that lofty brain was required, it is now"
Gussie Fink-Nottle-James Needham
"...Spink-Bottle? The timid, teacup-passing, thin bread and butter 'yes' man?"
Bingo Little-Penny Sarginson
"...If there is one fellow in the world who could alleviate the horrors of this blighted visit, that bloke is young Bingo."
Madeline Bassett-Rhi Mogridge
"...When a girl suddenly, out of the blue, asks if you don't sometimes feel that the starts are God's daisy chain, you've got to wonder."
Aunt Dahlia-Liz Norman
"Aunt Dahlia's always been a good stick. I have never wavered in my appreciation of her humanity, sporting qualities and general good-eggishness"
Aunt Agatha-noga zivan (Wadham)
"...When I hear she is moving in the same hemisphere as me I tend to quake"
Mr. Filmer-James Needham
"... His entire demeanour is such that many an experienced undertaker would have been deceived by his appearance and start embalming on sight"
Miss. Waterbury-Rhi Mogridge
"...Bane of my life. Met her yet? Lurks around here, looming round corners to put the strain on me."
Bonzo Travers-Liz Norman
"...A kid who requires not education in Greek and Latin, but a swift slosh to the base of the skull with a black-jack"
Thomas Spencer-Rachel Wellman
"...Do you have an inkling of the sort of scourge you've taken into your home? In the society of young Thomas, strong men quail. There is no devilry beyond his scope."
By-P. G. Wodehouse
Adapted for the stage by-James Needham

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