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Why Jeeves (Trinity, 2014)


Bertie Wooster-Perry Hartland-Asbury (Ex-Mansfield)
"What ho"
Jeeves-James Marsden (Corpus)
"adequately equipped"
Aunt Dahlia-Alice Young (Hertford)
"you spilt tea on my blouse"
Aunt Agatha-Lyman Gamberton (Brasenose)
Amaryllis Blackwood-Jessica Law (St.Anne's)
"old bean"
Gussie Fink-Nottle-Benjamin Kybett (Magdalen)
"I wish I understood women"
Odin-Connor Warden (St Edmund Hall)
"with a newt"
Holmes-Luke Cozens (LMH)
"we can read between the jolly old lines"
Polly-Maria Mateescu (Magdalen)
"salacious and perverted"
Roderick Spode-Diran Bodossian (Balliol)
"oral fixation"
Lenny (Wednesday, Thursday)-Tom Lear (Magdalen)
"disturbed and unnatural"
Lenny (Tuesday)-Adrian Clayton (Hertford (Graduated))
"Stuffed, Screwed, Shafted"
Riff-Jasper Russell (Merton)
"We're not the bloody Scouts, mate"
Stall-Emma Slattery (Merton)
"bad influence"
Edwin-Elena Harty (Magdalen)
"grown-ups are no fun at all"
Bingo Little-Connor Warden (St Edmund Hall)
"with a newt"
Catsmeat Potter-Pribright-Luke Cozens (LMH)
"we can read between the jolly old lines"
Tuppy Glossop-Maria Mateescu (Magdalen)
"last one with a proctor's trousers"
Telegram Boy-Elena Harty (Magdalen)
Proctor-Richard Owen (Ex-Lincoln)
"Duly constituted under Statute 94 part 13"
Director-Elena Harty (Magdalen)
"Sit down Ben, or I'll nail you down"
Assistant Director-Benjamin Kybett (Magdalen)
"I in no way have a power complex"
Posters-Morgan Wilkinson (Hertford)
"jolly good show"
Musical Director-Jessica Law (St.Anne's)
"old bean"
Writer-Lyman Gamberton (Brasenose)
James Marsden (Corpus)
What-ho to all this-Jessica Law (St.Anne's)
Gentleman's Rap Battle-Benjamin Kybett (Magdalen)
Jessica Law (St.Anne's)
Newt-Filled Magical Show-James Marsden (Corpus)
If the World Were a Newt-Jessica Law (St.Anne's)
Aunt's Love Song-Maria Mateescu (Magdalen)
We Would Hug If We Weren't So British-Tom Lear (Magdalen)
Maria Mateescu (Magdalen)
All songs arranged by-Jessica Law (St.Anne's)

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best HeroPerry Hartland-Asbury (Ex-Mansfield) for Bertie Wooster
Best Double Act/CoupleJames Marsden (Corpus) and Perry Hartland-Asbury (Ex-Mansfield) for Jeeves and Wooster
Best WriterJames Marsden (Corpus) and Lyman Gamberton (Brasenose)
Best cock-up backstage or during a rehearsalLyman Gamberton (Brasenose) for Falling into the river
The "Ooh you luvvie" Award for actually being able to actPerry Hartland-Asbury (Ex-Mansfield) for Bertie Wooster

Flosscars Nominations

Best HeroineJessica Law (St.Anne's) for Amaryllis Blackwood
Best Bad Guy/VillainDiran Bodossian (Balliol) for Sir Roderick Spode
Best Double Act/CoupleBenjamin Kybett (Magdalen) and Jessica Law (St.Anne's) for Gussie and Amaryllis
Alice Young (Hertford) and Lyman Gamberton (Brasenose) for The Aunts
Best Portrayal of a Member of a Different GenderBenjamin Kybett (Magdalen) for Augusta Fitz-Newton
Best Directing TeamElena Harty (ex-Magdalen) and Benjamin Kybett (Magdalen)
Best SongJessica Law (St.Anne's), Maria Mateescu (Magdalen) and Tom Lear (Magdalen) for We would hug if we weren't so British
Best CostumeAugusta Fitz-Newton
The eponymous clothing item of the Black Shorts
Best PropThe Punt
Best Ad LibDiran Bodossian (Balliol) for "We will rise like a Golden Dawn and we won't stop 'til YouKip!"
Best Quote (during a show)Aunt Agatha: "There, there. Shut up.quot;
Spode: "...and they will Nazi it coming"
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