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Sleeping Beauty (Michaelmas, 2001)

Good, evil, cross-dressing, it's all here.


The Court of Fairyland
(King of Fairyland)
-Jhon Polatch
"Well, that's not a problem. I'm the King. Get out!"
(Queen of Fairyland)
-C Howdle (Wadham)
"The Queen - oh, what a wimp!"
(Their daughter)
-Lydia Menzies
"But Belle, she is the fairest of them all."
Maid Marion
(Belle's Maid)
-Andrea Watts
"But, Maid Marion, you're beautiful"
Cook-Duncan Coutts (Worcester)
"If you tasted my piccalilli you'd see you were making a big mistake"
Little Boy Blue-Franco Woolfe
"You're not fit to be in charge of a goldfish"
Their Friends
Three Good Fairies:-
Fairy Nuff-Fennel Aurora
Fairy Lea-Rhi Mogridge
Fairy Liquid-Claire Cruise
"You stupid fairies! I can't believe you ever qualified!"
Humpty Dumpty
(An Egg)
-Mike Hallard (Queen's)
"You're better than Little Boy Blue"
Their Enemies
Fairy Stofthemall
(A bad fairy)
-Elizabeth Baldwin (Wadham)
"She's a bad fairy. The worst"
Evil Minion
(Her sidekick)
-Julia Short
"This is my minion, whose name is not important"
(A dejected lover)
-Nicole Gera
"Je suis le prince amoreux"
People they only know briefly
Various Princes-Mike Hallard (Queen's)
Richard Owen (Lincoln)
Liz Norman
Inept Policemen-Liz Norman
Richard Owen (Lincoln)
Written by:-Liz Norman
Lydia Menzies
and the drunken script-writing team
Directed by:-Rhi Mogridge
and her team of RADA-trained llamas
Produced by:-Duncan Coutts (Worcester)
Andrea Watts

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best Double Act:Lydia and Andrea for Belle and Maid Marion
Best on-stage fuck-up:Lid for cutting the last two scenes of the panto with premature poetry
Best speech:Nicole for The hamster speech in panto
Worst Audience:(I don't mean to influence your choice, but they were mean little critters. )St Peters JCR for ignoring us
St Peters JCR for refusing to come up on stage
St Peters JCR for being miserable bastards
St Peters JCR for accepting flashing but refusing to react
St Peters JCR for being more interested in football
St Peters JCR for not finding it funny when we gave them a tampon for being our worst audience
Best last-minute OULE:noga zivan (Wadham) for Fairy Lea
Best caricature of oneself:Lid for Belle

Flosscars Nominations

Best Heroine:Lid for Belle
Best Villain:Elizabeth Baldwin (Wadham) for Fairy Stovthemall
Best ad-lib:Lid for "I'm so hungry. I wish I had some pies, but there are no pies. I wonder who ate all the pies."
Elizabeth Baldwin (Wadham) for "You don't like girls, do you,"
Best on-stage fuck-up:Duncan Coutts (Worcester) for "What's my line?"
Duncan Coutts (Worcester) for "Bastard!" at the lovely school
Best speech:Elizabeth Baldwin (Wadham) for the "There's nothing I can't do" speech
The "Beyond the call of duty" award, for going beyond the call of duty :Lid for flashing St Peters JCR in an attempt to get a reaction
Best last-minute OULE:Tessa for Fairy Lea
Best drunk:Jhon for The King
Best dodgy accent:Nicole for Jean-Pierre
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