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Everyone Dies At The End (Hilary, 2019)


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Everyone Dies at the End is comedy musical about (spoiler alert) the apocalypse! Yes, you read that right. Let me explain.

Bored of their daily routine of trotting around for millennia, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse decided to do what they were literally created to do: kill everyone! The Norse Gods had similar plans, but their apocalypse was going to be bigger, better and way cooler sounding - Ragnarok! An assortment of conspiracy theorists, mad scientists and cheese-loving Europeans swiftly got involved in what was quickly going to become… well, a bit of a mess really. Featuring: an eight-legged pantomime horse, a 16-foot snake, original rock and tango music numbers, terrible accents and a lovable godly wolf.


The Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Norse Gods

The Illuminati

The Cambridge University Necrotic Technology Society

The Swiss Defence Ministry

Aliens, Monsters and Conspiracy Theorists

Assistants to the Horsemen

  • Mort - Alex Coombs
  • Olive - Olivia Boyd
  • Victor - Ed Tansley
  • Jessica - Samanwita Sen



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