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 |**Best caricature of oneself**|Lid for Belle| |**Best caricature of oneself**|Lid for Belle|
 ===== Flosscars Nominations ===== ===== Flosscars Nominations =====
 +|**Best Heroine**|Lid for Belle|
 +|**Best Villain**|[[member:​Elizabeth Baldwin]] //​(Wadham)//​ for Fairy Stovthemall|
 +|**Best ad-lib**|Lid for "​I'​m so hungry. I wish I had some pies, but there are no pies. I wonder who ate all the pies." \\ [[member:​Elizabeth Baldwin]] //​(Wadham)//​ for "You don't like girls, do you,"|
 +|**Best on-stage fuck-up**|[[member:​Duncan Coutts]] //​(Worcester)//​ for "​What'​s my line?" ​ \\ [[member:​Duncan Coutts]] //​(Worcester)//​ for "​Bastard!"​ at the lovely school|
 +|**Best speech**|[[member:​Elizabeth Baldwin]] //​(Wadham)//​ for the "​There'​s nothing I can't do" speech|
 +|**The "​Beyond the call of duty" award, for going beyond the call of duty**|Lid for flashing St Peters JCR in an attempt to get a reaction|
 +|**Best last-minute OULE**|Tessa for Fairy Lea|
 +|**Best drunk**|Jhon for The King|
 +|**Best dodgy accent**|Nicole for Jean-Pierre|
 {{topic>​sleeping beauty +song list&​nodesc&​nouser&​nodate}} {{topic>​sleeping beauty +song list&​nodesc&​nouser&​nodate}}
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