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Past Shows


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Current Committee

Contact these people if you want anything or for more details on joining OULES, seeing our plays, leaving us all your money, etc etc.

President Fabian Bourdeaux (St Anne's)
Secretary Lily Massey (Pembroke)
Treasurer Sebastian Morson (St Anne's)
Outreach Officer Dave Street (LMH)
Social Secretary Ali Witheford (Magdalen)
Webmistress Aleksandra Matkowska (Keble)

Previous Committees

President President of Vice Secretary Treasurer Outreach Officer Social Secretary Webmistress
2022 (current) Fabian Bourdeaux (St Anne's) Lily Massey (Pembroke) Sebastian Morson (St Anne's)Dave Street (LMH)Ali Witheford (Magdalen) Aleksandra Matkowska (Keble)
2021 Tom Vallely (Somerville) Charlie Gill (Green Templeton)Ed Tansley (St Anne's)Velina Robinson (Mansfield) Maddie Hall (Oriel)
Branoc Richards (Magdalen)
Aleksandra Matkowska (Keble)
Ali Witheford (Magdalen)
Em Fawcett (Wadham)
2020Charlie Howley (LMH)
Will Ainsworth (Teddy Hall)
Tom Vallely (Somerville)
2019 Rebecca Barton (Regent’s Park)
Will Ainsworth (Teddy Hall)
Georgia Watkins (St Hilda’s)Ana Pagu (Linacre) Charlie Howley (LMH)
2018 Lily Miles (Hertford) Rebecca Barton (Regent’s Park) Becky Hicks (Oriel) Branoc Richards (Magdalen) George Tall (St Edmund Hall) Leo Tucker (Wadham)
2017 Jake Griffiths (Brasenose) Lily Miles (Hertford) Ana Pagu (St Edmund Hall) Becky Hicks (Oriel) Asha Hartland-Asbury (Brasenose)
Markus Beeken (Brasenose)
Beth Mabbutt (LMH) Katie Moore (ex-Magdalen)
2016 Georgia Nicholson (St Hugh's) Georgie Atton (Somerville) Benjamin Kybett (Magdalen) Tristan Cresswell (Sheffield)) Ana Pagu (St Edmund Hall)
Beth Mabbutt (LMH)
2015 Sebastian Fox (Mansfield) James Bruce (Corpus Christi) Patrick Kidger (Magdalen) Judith Moore (Balliol) Maria Stroyakovski (Keble)
Jasper Rose Russell (Merton)
2014 Judith Moore (Balliol) Benjamin Kybett (Magdalen) Ellie Armstrong (Jesus) Elena Harty (ex-Magdalen) Connor Warden (St Edmund Hall) Richard Owen (ex-Lincoln)
2013 Elena Harty (ex-Magdalen) Efi Gauthier (St Hugh's) Rachel Hughes (Worcester) Emma Slattery (Merton) Asha Hartland-Asbury (Brasenose) Ben Below (Worcester)
2012 Joe Hermaszewski (Oriel) Adrian Clayton (Hertford) Ellie Armstrong (Jesus) Ed Shaw (Worcester) Asha Hartland-Asbury (Brasenose) Diran Bodossian (Balliol) Robert Collins (Worcester)
2011 Ben Below (Worcester) Adam Robinson (St Peter's) Asha Hartland-Asbury (Brasenose) Morgan Wilkinson (Hertford) Sasha McKenna (St Hildas) Emma New (St Hilda's)
Rebecca Nightingale (Filthy Brooks Interloper)
2010 Jenni Goodchild (Mansfield) Martin Corcoran (St Edmund Hall) Jonathan Lipscombe (Mansfield) Alice Young (Hertford) Tim Ledsam (Hertford)
Samuel Swinnerton (Queen's)
2009 Marcus Garner-Hatcher (Lincoln) Emma New (St Hildas) Fabby Styles (Oriel) Mike Bagshaw (Mansfield) Eilise Norris (Mansfield) Charlotte Hindley (Mansfield)
Matthew Williams (Mansfield)
2008 Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield) Liina Pihel (St Hilda's) Sasha McKenna (St Hildas) Radostina Christova (St Hilda's) Laich Dilaimi (Magdalen) Mariel Harrison (St Hilda's) Rory Morrison] (Mansfield)
2007 Dan Browne (Lincoln) Dan Artus (Regent's Park) Dan Rawnsley (Keble) Tom Perkins (New) Lottie Spurrell (Mansfield) Cass McHugh (St Hilda's) Callum Doherty (Jesus) Rory Morrison (Mansfield)
2006 Phillip Scott (St Hughs) Lydia Nicholas (Christ Church) Rose Elliot (St Hilda's) Thomas Woolley (St Johns) Emily Kerr (St Hilda's) Laurie Penny (Wadham)
Sally Outen (ex-Worcester) Dan Browne (Lincoln)
Helen Nightingale (Somerville)
2005 Laurie Penny (Wadham)
Helen Nightingale (Somerville)
Nat Mills (St Hilda's) William Minter (Wadham) Beth Rowell (St Hilda's) Neil James Tarrant (St Catz) Rose Elliot (St Hilda's) Hannah Veale (St Hilda's)
2004 Helen Shield (St John's)
Kat Oliver (St John's)
Louise Sherlock (St John's) Sally Close (Mansfield) Tom Reynolds (Exeter) Elizabeth Baldwin (Balliol)
2003 Ruth Weyman (LMH) Dom Mattos (STB) Yvette Dann (Magdalen) Elizabeth Baldwin (Balliol)
2002 C Howdle (Wadham) Rakesh Bungar (Wadham) Julia Short (Queen's) Andrea Watts (Brasenose) Elizabeth Baldwin (Wadham)
2001 Duncan Coutts (Worcester) Rhi Mogridge (Queen's) Lid Menzies (Exeter) Elizabeth Baldwin (Wadham)
2000 Noga Zivan (Wadham) Liz Norman (St Peter's) Kate Broadhurst (Queen's)
1999 James Needham (St Peter's) Noga Zivan (Wadham)
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