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Flosscars 2002

Flosscars are our annual awards for acting, failing to act, writing, failing to write, and generally anything we feel deserves an award at the time. Feel free to browse our archives of Flosscars in years gone past as well as using this page in Trinity of each year to nominate and vote for that year's Flosscars!

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Best hero

Nominees :

Winner : Pete for D'Argtanion (The Three Musketeers)

Best Heroine

Nominees :

Winner : Kate Broadhurst for Aunt Abby (Arsenic and Old Lace)

Best Villain

Nominees :

Winner : Anas for Chonny (Arsenic and Old Lace)

Best Double Act

Nominees :

Winner : Lydia and Andrea for the twins (The Canterville Ghost)

Lydia and Andrea for Belle and Maid Marion (Sleeping Beauty)

The "Ooh you lovey" award for actually being able to act

Nominees :

Winner : Jenny for Nora

Best ad-lib

Nominees :

Winner : Colin for “When we first moved here my wife wasn't very ill. No, that's not right. Actually she was extremely ill, and then she died.” In the most beautifully calm manner in the first scene of Arsenic and making Elizabeth corpse. (Arsenic and Old Lace)

Best on-stage fuck-up

Nominees :

Winner : Lid for cutting the last two scenes of the panto with premature poetry (Sleeping Beauty)

Best speech

Nominees :

Winner : Nicole for The hamster speech in panto (Sleeping Beauty)

Best Audience

Nominees :

  • The first night of The Canterville Ghost
  • The second night of Sleeping Beauty

Winner : The second school for Sleeping Beauty (what was its name?)

Worst Audience:(I don't mean to influence your choice, but they were mean little critters.)

Nominees :

Winner : St Peters JCR for ignoring us (Sleeping Beauty)

St Peters JCR for refusing to come up on stage (Sleeping Beauty)

St Peters JCR for being miserable bastards (Sleeping Beauty)

St Peters JCR for accepting flashing but refusing to react (Sleeping Beauty)

St Peters JCR for being more interested in football (Sleeping Beauty)

St Peters JCR for not finding it funny when we gave them a tampon for being our worst audience (Sleeping Beauty)

The "Beyond the call of duty" award, for going beyond the call of duty


Winner : Andrea for going on with a VERY badly sprained ankle (The Canterville Ghost)

The "cliff edge" award for the person most likely to lower the tone of conversation

(We husted for this on the night.)

Nominees :

Winner : Lid

Best quote

Nominees :

  • Rhi for “I'm not drunk, I can speak entirely legibly.”
  • Lid for “Spontaneous orgasms? Don't I need a man?”
  • Own up. Who was this. for “That's so funny I nearly ate the wrong bit of pistachio.”
  • Nicole for “Do we have to do the seduction scene now? I've just had a burger.”
  • Big Nora for “I resent being referred to as 'Big Nora.'”

Winner : Kate Broadhurst for “You can't feed Mr. Spenalzo to the gimp. Why, he's a vegetarian.”

Best last-minute OULE

Nominees :

Winner : noga zivan (Wadham) for Fairy Lea (Sleeping Beauty)

Best caricature of oneself

Nominees :

Winner : Lid for Belle (Sleeping Beauty)

Best drink

Nominees :

  • OULES cocktail
  • The spanking cocktail that nearly make Elizabeth yak (NOT Lid's fault) (Oh yeah - Ed)
  • Gin and Tonic

Winner : Spanking

Best drunk

Nominees :

Winner : Duncan Coutts (Worcester) for climbing in windows and clothes-swapping

Best category

Nominees :

  • Cliff-edge

Winner : Best category

Best dodgy accent

Nominees :

Winner : Jason for Dr Einstein (Arsenic and Old Lace)

Play most susceptible to having a porn version //(I expect explanations)//

Nominees :

  • Arsenic and Old Lace
  • The Canterville Ghost
  • The Three Musketeers

Winner : Sleeping Beauty

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