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Flosscars 2004

Flosscars are our annual awards for acting, failing to act, writing, failing to write, and generally anything we feel deserves an award at the time. Feel free to browse our archives of Flosscars in years gone past as well as using this page in Trinity of each year to nominate and vote for that year's Flosscars!

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Best Hero

Nominees :

Winner : Dom Mattos (STB) for Jonathon (Dracula)

Best Heroine

Nominees :

Winner : Jenny for Cinderella (Cinderella)

Best Villain

Nominees :

Winner : Franco for Stepmother (Cinderella)

The "oooh, you luvvie!" award for actually being able to act

Nominees :

Winner : Louise Sherlock (St John's) for Renfield (Dracula)

Best Double Act / Ensemble

Nominees :

Winner : Nat and Elizabeth Baldwin (Balliol) for Colin and Eric ( Robin Hood and the Legumes of Doom)

Best on stage fuck up

Nominees :

  • Everyone in the Drunk Scene for every night of Robin Hood
  • “The Chaps” for doing the wrong scene towards the end of the first night of Dracula

Winner : Everyone for First performance of Robin Hood

Best Ad Lib

Nominees :

  • Kit for entire first night of Robin Hood
  • Kit for “The Queen Mother is 111, no wait, the Queen mother is ill.” (Dracula)

Winner : Louise Sherlock (St John's) for “Of course leg warmers are in, you said last year, Of course I don't need to learn my lines you said, Of course I don't need to attend any rehearsals until the performance of the play, and of course there won't be a PR disaster if I go out and kill small fluffy animals!” (Cinderella)

The "Beyond the call of Duty" Award

Nominees :

Winner : Sally for making Monty and Gerald (Dracula)

Best Quote

Nominees :

Winner : Nat for “Taxidermy - what's that?” “Stuffing things Bobtail, stuffing corpses!” “Ooo, like necrophilia?” (Cinderella)

Best Prop

Nominees :

Winner : The Gravestones (Dracula)

Best Pantomime Animal

Nominees :

Winner : Monty (Cinderella)

Monty (Dracula)

Best impersonation of a member of the opposite sex

Nominees :

Winner : Sally for Buttons (Cinderella)

Sally for Arthur (Dracula)

Best Line-learner

Nominees :

Winner : Tom (Dracula)

Best Costume

Nominees :

Winner : Duncan Coutts (Worcester) and Dom Mattos (STB) for all the dame outfits (Cinderella)

Best Corpse

Nominees :

Winner : Matthew Robinson (Wadham) for Dracula (and specifically for wonderful urgling in Bohemian Rapsody) (Dracula)

Best Song / Dance Routine

Nominees :

  • Chorus for In the Navy (Dracula)
  • Everyone for Bohemian Rapsody (Dracula)

Winner : Dom Mattos (STB) for Showgirl number (Cinderella)

The AA award for Drunkeness

Nominees :

Winner : Everyone for that cast party (Cinderella)

Best Dodgy Accent / Thpeecth Impedimenth

Nominees :

  • Sally for Igor
  • Mark for Betty's falsetto (Dracula)

Winner : Tom for Van Helsing (Dracula)

Best Caricature of oneself

Nominees :

Winner : Dom Mattos (STB) for everything, always

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