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Flosscars 2012

Flosscars are our annual awards for acting, failing to act, writing, failing to write, and generally anything we feel deserves an award at the time. Feel free to browse our archives of Flosscars in years gone past as well as using this page in Trinity of each year to nominate and vote for that year's Flosscars!

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Best Hero

Nominees :

Winner : Emma New (St Hildas) for Romeo (Tragedy: A Comedy)

Best Heroine

Nominees :

Winner : Rachel Hughes for Lt Polly Oliver (Piracy!)

Best Bad Guy / Villain

Nominees :

Winner : Emma New (St Hildas) for The Pirate Queen (Piracy!)

The "M-Tropolis and M-Town" award for Best Double Act/Couple

Nominees :

Winner : Martin Corcoran (St. Edmund Hall) and Jonathan Sims (St. Hilda's) for MacBeth and Father Lawrence (Tragedy: A Comedy)

Best Portrayal of a Member of the Opposite Sex

Nominees :

Winner : Sam Young (Worcester) for Nursey (Tragedy: A Comedy)

The "Tom Reynolds" Award for most Spurious Accent

Nominees :

Winner : Adam Robinson (St. Peter's) for Don Antonio Constanza y Panadero de Stregaverde, Count of Cules (Piracy!)

Best Directing Team

Nominees :

Winner : Alex Brinkman-Young, Frances Watson (Queen's), Rachel Hughes and Jonathan Lipscombe (Mansfield) (Piracy!)

Best Writer

Nominees :

Winner : Asha Hartland-Asbury (Brasenose) (Tragedy: A Comedy)

Best Song

Nominees :

Winner : Jessica Law (St.Anne's) for The Infanta of Spain (Piracy!)

Best Costume

Nominees :

Winner : Emma New (St Hildas), Bryn Griffiths (New College) and Sam Young (Worcester) for Three Utterly ridiculous pairs of dungarees (The Snow Queen)

Perry Hartland-Asbury (Ex-Mansfield) for Admiral Lord Flashknob's glittery suit (Piracy!)

Best Prop

Nominees :

Winner : Peter Bunyan for his Spare Moustachio (Piracy!)

Best fluff/fuck-up/cock-up during a performance

Nominees :

Winner : Alice Young (Hertford) for “Romeo! I'm so glad I've killed you! I mean found you!” (Tragedy: A Comedy)

Best Ad Lib

Nominees :

Winner : Ben Below (Worcester) for “What does this do? Maybe it controls time? Maybe it controls time? Maybe it controls time?” (The Snow Queen)

Best Quote (during a show)

Nominees :

Winner : Bob Hunt and Richard Owen (Ex-Lincoln) for the “Kartoffel-schinken-schubkarre-aale-fahrzeug-kaese-kuche-wursten-schnitzel” line (The Snow Queen)

The "Dan Artus" Award for Best Worst Line-learner

Nominees :

Winner : Jonathan Sims (St. Hilda's) for Father Lawrence (Tragedy: A Comedy)

The "Ooh you luvvie" Award for actually being able to act

Nominees :

Winner : Tim Skew for Rax (The Snow Queen)

The "Don't Shoot the Children in the Face" Award for Best Performance in a Schools/Homes show of a different part to in the student show

Nominees :

Winner : Rory Morrison (Mansfield) for One of the three D's (The Snow Queen)

The "Beyond the Call of Duty" Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty

Nominees :

Winner : James Marsden (Corpus) for repeated minibus driving, getting Corpus Auditorium, last minute teching, sorting out the constitution and reapplying to the Proctors despite not being on the committee

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