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 ==== Flosscar Wins ==== ==== Flosscar Wins ====
 +|2021|•Best Soundscape for Mathrifice Chanting //​([[shows:​george_o|Waiting for George-O]])//​|
-|2021|•Best Group/​Double Act for The Eds //​([[shows:​cinderella3|Cinderella The Musical]])//​| 
 ==== Flosscar Nominations ==== ==== Flosscar Nominations ====
-|2021|•Best ​Soundscape ​for Mathrifice Chanting ​ //​([[shows:​george_o|Waiting for George-O]])//|+ 
 +|2021|•Best ​Group/​Double Act for The Eds  //​([[shows:​cinderella3|Cinderella The Musical]])//|
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