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 ====== Ed Tansley ====== ====== Ed Tansley ======
-**User Level** : OULE+**User Level** : Ex-Über-OULE
 \\ \\
 **Colleges** : **Colleges** :
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 **Parents** **Parents**
 +  *[[member:​Alex Coombs]]
   *[[member:​Emma New]]   *[[member:​Emma New]]
   *[[member:​Lily Miles]]   *[[member:​Lily Miles]]
   *[[member:​Tzveta Pokrovska]]   *[[member:​Tzveta Pokrovska]]
   *[[member:​Ana Pagu]]   *[[member:​Ana Pagu]]
 +  *[[member:​Charlie Gill]] 
 +  *[[member:​Phoebe Winter]]
 ==== Shows ==== ==== Shows ====
 |**Term**|**Show**|**Part/​Role**| |**Term**|**Show**|**Part/​Role**|
 +|Hilary 2019|[[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies At The End]]|Herald \\ Victor|
 |Michelmas 2019|[[shows:​horrors| The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors ]]|Alf| |Michelmas 2019|[[shows:​horrors| The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors ]]|Alf|
 +|Hilary 2020|[[shows:​channel_hoppers|Channel Hoppers]]|Micah Lewis|
 +|Trinity 2020|[[shows:​radio_show|The Radio Show at the End of the World]]|Major Flaw|
 +|Hilary 2021|[[shows:​george_o|Waiting for George-O]]|Jod|
 +|Michaelmas 2021|[[shows:​Carole|A Christmas Carole]]|Ghost of Xmas Present|
 +|Hilary 2022|[[shows:​Rumpelstiltskin| Rumpelstiltskin]]|Dominic \\ Stallholder \\ Producer|
 +==== Songs ====
 +[[shows:​george_o|Waiting for George-O]]
 +  *Fork it, let's have a picnic
 +==== Flosscar Nominations ====
 +|2020|•Best Heroic Character for Micah Lewis ([[shows:​channel_hoppers|Channel Hoppers]]) \\ •Best Group/​Double Act for Ghostgrabbers ([[shows:​horrors|The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors]]) \\ •Best Couple for Micah and the Princesses ([[shows:​channel_hoppers|Channel Hoppers]]) \\ •Best Costume for Ghostgrabber T-Shirts ([[shows:​horrors|The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors]]) \\ •Best Quote from a Script for “Don'​t be such a coward, there'​s absolutely nothing dangerous here - oh look, a gun” ([[shows:​horrors|The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors]])|
 +|2021|•Best Song for Fork it, Let's Have a Picnic //​([[shows:​george_o|Waiting for George-O]])//​|
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