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Ed Tansley

User Level : Über-OULE
Colleges :

  • St Anne's from 2018

Family Tree


Hilary 2019Everyone Dies At The EndHerald
Michelmas 2019 The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors Alf
Hilary 2020Channel HoppersMicah Lewis
Trinity 2020The Radio Show at the End of the WorldMajor Flaw
Hilary 2021Waiting for George-OJod


Waiting for George-O

  • Fork it, let's have a picnic

Flosscar Nominations

2020•Best Heroic Character for Micah Lewis (Channel Hoppers)
•Best Group/Double Act for Ghostgrabbers (The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors)
•Best Couple for Micah and the Princesses (Channel Hoppers)
•Best Costume for Ghostgrabber T-Shirts (The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors)
•Best Quote from a Script for “Don't be such a coward, there's absolutely nothing dangerous here - oh look, a gun” (The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors)
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