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 |Hilary 2021|[[shows:​george_o|Waiting for George-O]]|W.T.B.O.T.T.S \\ Writer| |Hilary 2021|[[shows:​george_o|Waiting for George-O]]|W.T.B.O.T.T.S \\ Writer|
 |Trinity 2021|[[shows:​mram|Meeting Rooms and Managers]]|Janice| |Trinity 2021|[[shows:​mram|Meeting Rooms and Managers]]|Janice|
 +|Michaelmas 2021|[[shows:​Carole|A Christmas Carole]]|Clara|
 +|Hilary 2022|[[shows:​Rumpelstiltskin| Rumpelstiltskin]]|Hot Chocolate Seller|
 ==== Flosscar Wins ==== ==== Flosscar Wins ====
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