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 |**Term**|**Show**|**Part/​Role**| |**Term**|**Show**|**Part/​Role**|
 |Michaelmas 2020|[[shows:​cinderella3|Cinderella The Musical]]|Granton Sheepsay| |Michaelmas 2020|[[shows:​cinderella3|Cinderella The Musical]]|Granton Sheepsay|
 +|Hilary 2021|[[shows:​george_o|Waiting for George-O]]|Mr Hubbard \\ Assistant Director|
 +|Trinity 2021|[[shows:​mram|Meeting Rooms and Managers]]|Peter"​|
 +==== Flosscar Wins ====
 +|2021|•Best Directing Team for [[shows:​george_o|Waiting for George-O]] //​([[shows:​george_o|Waiting for George-O]])//​|
 +==== Flosscar Nominations ====
 +|2021|•Best Group/​Double Act for The Chefs //​([[shows:​cinderella3|Cinderella The Musical]])//​ \\ •Best Group/​Double Act for The Teachers //​([[shows:​george_o|Waiting for George-O]])//​ \\ •Best Spurious Accent for Granton Sheepsay //​([[shows:​cinderella3|Cinderella The Musical]])//​ \\ •Best Worst Prop  for The Chef's Kitchen Utensil Microphones //​([[shows:​cinderella3|Cinderella The Musical]])//​ \\ •Best Best Prop for The Chef's Cheffing Implements //​([[shows:​cinderella3|Cinderella The Musical]])//​|
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