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James Bruce

User Level : Ex-ÜberOULE
Colleges :

  • Corpus Christi from 2014

Family Tree


Hilary 2015Intrepid!Captain Anthony Strapping
Trinity 2015Robin HoodPrince John
Hilary 2016Let’s Steal the Crown JewelsFlick Ranger

Flosscar Wins

2016•Best Morally Ambiguous Person for Flick Ranger (Let’s Steal the Crown Jewels)
•Most Spurious Accent for Flick Ranger's Various Accents (Let’s Steal the Crown Jewels)
•The 'Ooh you luvvie' Award for Actually Being Able to Act for Flick Ranger (Let’s Steal the Crown Jewels)

Flosscar Nominations

2015•Best Hero for Captain Strapping (Intrepid!) \\•Best Ad Lib for “Does she even realise how many buttons I've undone?” (Intrepid!)
2016•Best Villain for Prince John (Robin Hood)
•Best Double Act / Couple for Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John (Robin Hood)
•Best Cock-up Backstage or During Rehearsals for 'Dinghy back alley' (Let’s Steal the Crown Jewels)
•Best Cock-up Backstage or During Rehearsals for 'Dam-nit, dam-nit, dam-nit' (Robin Hood)
•Best Ad-Lib for returning underwear thrown at him to someone who was definitely not the owner (Let’s Steal the Crown Jewels)
•Best Ad-Lib for The Rainbow Connection (Let’s Steal the Crown Jewels)
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