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 ===== Flosscars Nominations ===== ===== Flosscars Nominations =====
 +|**Best Heroic Character|Rogue Reaper - [[member: Ekin Pehlivan]] \\ Danny - [[member: Jack Slater]] //(Teddy Hall)//|
 +|**Best Villainous Character|Keith - Chris Davies \\ Shade - [[member: Albert Prats]] //(St Peter’s)//​ \\ Shadow - Chris Davies \\ Kim - [[member: Tom Vallely]] //​(Somerville)//​|
 +|**Best Morally Ambiguous Character|Brody - Zain Iqbal|
 +|**Best Group/​Double Act|Vic and Alex - [[member: Bethan Chalmers]] //(St Hilda’s)//​ and [[member: Tessa Brunt]] //​(Mansfield)//​ \\  Shadow and Shade - Chris Davies and [[member: Albert Prats]] //(St Peter’s) // The Ghostgrabbers - [[member: Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//;​ [[member: Ed Tansley]] //(St Anne’s)//;​ [[member: Tom Vallely]] //​(Somerville)//;​ [[member: Elsa Kienberger]] //(Pacific Lutheran Univeristy)//;​ [[member: Rebecca Barton]] //​(Regent’s Park)//; [[member: Jack Slater]] //(Teddy Hall)//|
 +|**Best Couple|Tony and Danny - [[member: Tessa Brunt]] //​(Mansfield)//​ and [[member: Jack Slater]] //(Teddy Hall)//|
 +|**Best Spurious Accent|Laurent'​s '​French'​ Accent - [[member: Jack Slater]] //(Teddy Hall)//|
 +|**Best Directing Team|[[member:​ Velina Robinson]] //​(Mansfield)//;​ [[member: Valeriia Gladkova]] //​(Merton)//;​ [[member: Georgia Watkins]] //(St Hilda’s)//​|
 +|**Best Script|[[member:​ Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//​ and [[member: Ekin Pehlivan]]|
 +|**Best Marketing Campaign|[[member:​ Matilda Tempest]] //​(Mansfield)//​ and [[member: George Sutherland]] //​(Merton)//​|
 +|**Best Song|The Mallory Way - [[member: Tegan Gears]] //(Teddy Hall)// \\ Exorcism Song - [[member: Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//;​ Arranged by [[member: Perry Hartland-Asbury]] //​(Ex-Mansfield)//​ \\ Ghosts Need Therapy – [[member:​Erin English]] //​(Wadham)//;​ Arranged by [[member: Perry Hartland-Asbury]] //​(Ex-Mansfield)//​|
 +|**Best Performance of a Song|Ghosts Need Therapy - [[member:​Charlie Howley]] // (LMH)//; [[member: Velina Robinson]] //​(Mansfield)//;​ [[member: George Tall]] //(Teddy Hall)//; Zain Iqbal; [[member: Tessa Brunt]] //​(Mansfield)//​|
 +|**Best Costume|Ghostgrabber T-Shirts - [[member: Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//;​ [[member: Ed Tansley]] //(St Anne’s)//;​ [[member: Tom Vallely]] //​(Somerville)//;​ [[member: Jack Slater]] //(Teddy Hall)//; Made by [[member: Matilda Tempest]] //​(Mansfield)//​ \\ Shadow - Chris Davies|
 +|**Best Worst Prop|Kevin, Always Kevin - [[member: Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//​ \\ Keith'​s Frozen Waffle 'Lunch Box' \\ Haunted House Secret Door - [[member: Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//​ \\ Rogue Reaper'​s Broom|
 +|**Best Best Prop|'​Property of Luton Airport'​ Security Camera - [[member: Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//​ \\ The Door from Haunted House - [[member: Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//​ \\ Kevin - [[member: Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//​|
 +|**Best Cock-Up During a Performance|[[member:​ Valeriia Gladkova]] //​(Merton)//​ for Walking on Stage a Scene Early \\ The Secret Door Not Opening|
 +|**Best Cock-Up Backstage or During a Rehearsal|[[member:​ Valeriia Gladkova]] //​(Merton)//​ for Forgetting to Push Open the Door of Doom \\ The Ghostgrabbers for Learning Their Opening Song's Choreography 30 Minutes Before Curtain Up|
 +|**Best Ad-Lib|"​Sweeping up the Streets"​ - [[member: Ekin Pehlivan]] \\ "​Violence Baguettes Violence"​ - [[member: Jack Slater]] //(Teddy Hall)//|
 +|**Best Quote from a Script|"​No you idiot, the garlic bread actually has a soul. Which means that, just like with other beings with souls, it can come back as a ghost" - [[member: Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//;​ [[member: Ekin Pehlivan]]; [[member: Matilda Tempest]] //​(Mansfield)//​ \\ "In the dead of night… The night, like me… And dead, like my parents"​ - [[member: Ekin Pehlivan]]; [[member: Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//​ \\ "​Don'​t be such a coward, there'​s absolutely nothing dangerous here - oh look, a gun" - [[member: Ekin Pehlivan]]; [[member: Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//;​ [[member: Ed Tansley]] //(St Anne’s)// \\ "Keith Had the Only Key, and he Went to Sleep During the Interval"​ - [[member: Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//;​ [[member: Ekin Pehlivan]]; [[member:​Charlie Howley]] // (LMH)//|
 +|**The “Ooh You Luvvie” Award for Actually Being Able to Act|Chris Davies for Keith \\ [[member: Elsa Kienberger]] //(Pacific Lutheran Univeristy)//​ for Jo \\ [[member: Valeriia Gladkova]] //​(Merton)//​ for Mallory|
 +|**The ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’ Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty|[[member:​ Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//​ for all the Set, Props, and Script Things for Haunted House|
 {{topic>​horrors +song list&​nodesc&​nouser&​nodate}} {{topic>​horrors +song list&​nodesc&​nouser&​nodate}}
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