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Charley's Aunt (VOLES, 2002)

A comedy in three acts and a dress
Since we only had one week to rehearse and perform a play, we decided to return to one we hadn't done for a couple of years, and swap parts. Oddly, I think everyone knew their lines perfectly for the performances.


Jack Chesney
(Undergraduate procurer of aunts)
-Elizabeth Baldwin (Wadham)
Charles Wykeham
(Undergraduate, pleasantly confused)
-James Needham
(Scout, consequently no relation)
-Richard Owen (Ex-Lincoln)
Lord Fancourt Babberly
(Most Certainly not Charley's aunt)
-Duncan Coutts (Worcester)
Kitty Verdun
(Suffragette and Jack's beloved)
-noga zivan (Wadham)
Amy Spettigue
(Charley's amour, flower arranger)
-Sally Clough
Sir Francis Chesney (Bart.)
(Late India service (tennis and tea))
-Jenny Fawson
Mr. Spettigue
(Amy's uncle, Kitty's guardian and bad egg)
-Rhi Mogridge
Donna Lucia D'Alvadorez
(Charley's aunt, a woman of means)
-C Howdle (Wadham)
Ela Delahay
(Lucia's ward, of a romantic disposition)
-Kate Broadhurst
By-Brandon Thomas
Director-Rachel Wellman

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