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Peter Pan The Pantomime (Michaelmas, 2010)


Peter Pan-Ella Waldman
"I am Peter Pan you know!"
Wendy Darling-Holly Morgan (Mansfield)
"It's a bit small..."
Tinkerbell-Asha Hartland-Asbury (Brasenose)
"I've got nothing against a bit of S&M, you know"
Hook-Martin Corcoran (St. Edmund Hall)
"Pernicious Mersey Trout"
Smee-Marcus Garner-Hatcher (Lincoln)
"Oh look, a fairy... Kill it!"
Rodriguez-Mike Bagshaw (Mansfield)
"Hot Yacht Got Lot Not Pot Noodle"
Dame Madeira-Rory Morrison (Mansfield)
"Princess of Pastries"
Peter's Shadow-Jonathan Sims (St. Hilda's)
"Inappropriate Gesturing"
Princess Tigerlily-Alice Young (Hertford)
John Darling-samuel Hilton (Queen's)
Michael Darling-Jenni Goodchild (Mansfield)
"Yay, nap time"
Mr Darling-Jonathan Lipscombe (Mansfield)
"Jeremy Clarkson"
Mrs Darling-Olivia Upchurch (Jesus)
The Lost Boys
Slightly-Sam Young (Worcester)
"I'm not surprised"
Nibs-Hannah Snell (Balliol)
"Did everyone get an agenda?"
Curly-Adam Robinson (St. Peter's)
"You've got all the best toys"
Tootles-Guy Jackson
"...and Slightly here has soiled my toy gardening set"
The Twins-Rhoslyn Beckwith (St. Hilda's)
Radostina Christova (St Hildas)
"Okie smokie mokie pokie"
The Pirates
Randal Leadblade-Rebecca Nightingale (Filthy Brooks Interloper)
"Monkey" Bellamy-Chris Webster
"Additional haaaarrr..."
Red-Eye Blythe-Lotty Spurrell
"Not the pink one!"
Bill Rotmeat-Tim Ledsam (Hertford)
"Prepare to be dazzled..."
Jim Cannonbait-Thomas Little (Hertford)
"Soft jazz in the corner"
Jonny Greenbeard-Jessica Law (St.Anne's)
"An albatross!"
Black Shadow-Jonathan Sims (St. Hilda's)
"Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrffffternoon, pirates"
Dave "Albert"-Charlotte Hindley (Mansfield)
"I'm Dave!"
Jolly Hannibal Slasher-Catherine Offord
Simmons the Bald-Ben Below (Worcester)
"Shorry captain"
"Chocolate" Louis Kidd-Matthew Williams (mansfield)
"Just too clean for a nose"
Can't-Remember-Where-The-Damn-Treasure's-Buried Diego-Péter Connell
"killed at some hilarious point"
Almost-Crazy Cyril-Olivia Upchurch (Jesus)
"What's wrong with my nose?"
Leprous Quinn Nibor-Mariel Harrison (St Hilda's)
"Salty Backside"
Eel Skin Lisab-Emma New (St Hildas)
Native Neverlandians
Big Chief-Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield)
"a bit less French mustard..."
Overexcitable One-Rebecca Nightingale (Filthy Brooks Interloper)
"England, really?"
Two Dogs...-Eilise Norris (Mansfield)
"random names"
Singing Bird-Sasha McKenna (St Hildas)
"Voulez-vous your petit pois..."
The Crew
Written by-Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield)
Sasha McKenna (St Hildas)
Based upon an original idea by-J.M. Barrie
Director-Fabby Styles (Oriel)
"I went directing by mistake"
Assistant Director-Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield)
Sasha McKenna (St Hildas)
"Ow! My Knee!" / "neutral cop"
Songs By-Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield)
Fabby Styles (Oriel)
Rory Morrison (Mansfield)
Emma New (St Hildas)
Musical Director / At the Piano-Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield)
Lighting-James Marsden (Somerville)
"quote too long to fit"
"Paninator 4000" Created by-Tim Ledsam (Hertford)
"nearly Jesus"
Crocodile created by-Emma New (St Hildas)
Fabby Styles (Oriel)
Crocodile Puppeteer-Fabby Styles (Oriel)
Producers-Fabby Styles (Oriel)
Jonathan Lipscombe (Mansfield)
Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield)

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best HeroineHolly Morgan (Mansfield) for Wendy
The "M-Tropolis and M-Town" award for Best Double Act/CoupleMarcus Garner-Hatcher (Lincoln) and Martin Corcoran (St. Edmund Hall) for Hook and Smee
Best Portrayal of a Member of the Opposite SexRory Morrison (Mansfield) for Dame madiera
The "Don't Shoot the Children in the Face" Award for Best Performance in a Schools/Homes show of a different part to in the student showJonathan Sims (St. Hilda's) for learning Smee's entire part and aiming a gun at a small child before remembering not to shoot the children in the face.

Flosscars Nominations

Best HeroElla Waldman for Peter Pan
Mike Bagshaw (Mansfield) for Roger the Cabinboy
Best Bad Guy/VillainMartin Corcoran (St. Edmund Hall) for Captain Hook
Best Portrayal of a Member of the Opposite SexElla Waldman for Peter Pan
Best Directing TeamFabby Styles (Oriel), Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield) and Sasha McKenna (St Hildas)
Best WriterPerry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield) and Sasha McKenna (St Hildas)
Best SongFabby Styles (Oriel) for Gaffer Tape
Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield) for I want to be in Neverland
Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield) for It's good to be evil
Best PropEmma New (St Hildas) and Fabby Styles (Oriel) for The Crocodile
Tim Ledsam (Hertford) for Paninator 4000
Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield) for the love song fairy lights in Peter Pan
Best Special EffectHolly Morgan (Mansfield), samuel Hilton (Queen's), Jenni Goodchild (Mansfield), Ella Waldman and Asha Hartland-Asbury (Brasenose) for The flying in Peter Pan
Jonathan Sims (St. Hilda's) for the shadow
Best fluff/fuck-up/cock-up during a performanceAsha Hartland-Asbury (Brasenose) for "Quick! We've got to get off!... The stage."
General pirates for Failure to dispose of other "dead" pirates off stage.
Best Ad LibMarcus Garner-Hatcher (Lincoln) and Martin Corcoran (St. Edmund Hall) for "NO MORE WENDYS"
the Pirates for most of their lines
Marcus Garner-Hatcher (Lincoln) and Martin Corcoran (St. Edmund Hall) for P-P-P-Peter Pan song
Jonathan Sims (St. Hilda's) for The Kitten Cannon [extended]
Best Quote (during a show)Jonathan Sims (St. Hilda's), Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield) and Sasha McKenna (St Hildas) for "So, I've been thinking. Carrier Kittens."
The "Ooh you luvvie" Award for actually being able to actElla Waldman for Peter Pan
Marcus Garner-Hatcher (Lincoln) for Smee
The "Don't Shoot the Children in the Face" Award for Best Performance in a Schools/Homes show of a different part to in the student showSamuel Swinnerton (Queen's) for Dame Madeira
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