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Intrepid! (Hilary, 2015)


Dr Ferguson-Jasper Russell (Merton)
"That bush was a dick"
Helena Carmichael-Maria Stroyakovski (Keble)
"Strange and admittedly frightening"
Dr Hopkins-Maria Mateescu (Magdalen)
"Oh Myyy!"
Captain Anthony Strapping-James Bruce (Corpus Christi)
"Manly Chest Hair"
Gilbert-Sebastian Fox (Mansfield)
"How big can a rainforest be?"
Sullivan-Emma New (St Hildas)
"Sounds feasible enough"
Professor Nigel Hawcroft-Elena Harty (ex-Magdalen)
"a lot of free time on their hands"
Victor Francoise-Brigitte Stenhouse (Somerville)
"I like shiny things"
Mary-Emma Parkin
"Do you like my impression"
Terri-Lauren Maly
"preferences one way or another regarding marmite"
Barry-Karel Lenc
"whatever he is carrying is worth more than he is"
Watson-Benjamin Kybett (Magdalen)
"Drop-kicked a box of orphaned puppies"
Bertram-Luke Cozens (LMH)
"The Suspension of Disbelief"
Lord Carmichael-Adrian Clayton (Hertford (Graduated))
"Racy French Photography"
Spritzworthy-James Marsden (Corpus)
"Don't remember any of this"
Harriet Carmichael-Tristan Cresswell
"Wish for something bigger"
Pip-Oliver Ellerton
"Bought from the orphange"
Holliday-Rhiannon Main
"My shoes!"
Burton-Tom Lear (Magdalen)
"Antagonising effort"
Dr Johnson-Yvonne Diep
"Small prick"
Nathaniel-Patrick Kidger (Magdalen)
"Poppycock and Balderdash"
Hepburn-Ana Pagu (St. Edmund Hall)
"Won the ocelottery"
Jack-Emma Parkin
"I'm off to have my ass studded with rhinestones"
Goldilocks-Yvonne Diep
"don't commit low-level felonies"
The Genie-Judith Moore (Balliol)
"The Boob Genie"
The Real Genie-Anna Spearing-Ewyn (St. John's College)
"headed somewhere sunny"
Pantomime Ocelot-Tom Marshall
"Which Wild Cat Wrote Firefly? Jossalot"
Written by-Connor Warden (St Edmund Hall)
"Oh No it isn't"
Additional Material by-Benjamin Kybett (Magdalen)
Efi Gauthier (St Hugh's)
"Oh Yes it is"
Director-Efi Gauthier (St Hugh's)
"like this but better"
Assistant Director-Judith Moore (Balliol)
Producer-Elena Harty (ex-Magdalen)
Musical Director-Perry Hartland-Asbury (Ex-Mansfield)
Emma New (St Hildas)
Technical Director-Richard Owen (Ex-Lincoln)
At The Theatre-Emma New (St Hildas)
Perry Hartland-Asbury (Ex-Mansfield)
That's How Explorers Get Their Thrills-Emma New (St Hildas)
Peter New
I like Shiny Things-Peter New
Emma New (St Hildas)
Lost in the Jungle-Sebastian Fox (Mansfield)
Emma New (St Hildas)
Final Song-Maria Mateescu (Magdalen)
Emma New (St Hildas)
Perry Hartland-Asbury (Ex-Mansfield)

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best Bad Guy/VillainBrigitte Stenhouse (Somerville) for Victor Francoise
Most Spurious AccentBrigitte Stenhouse (Somerville) for Victor Francoise
Best Directing TeamEfi Gauthier (St Hugh's) and Judith Moore (Balliol)
Best SongEmma New (St Hildas) and Peter New for I like Shiny Things
Best CostumeThe Ocelot
Best PropThe portrait of Lord Carmichael
Best Ad LibRhiannon Main and Tom Lear (Magdalen) for While being chased by the Ocelot: "Quick, it can't follow us upstairs." "THAT'S DALEKS"
Best Quote (during a show)Sullivan: "Tee Tee Tee Bagging"

Flosscars Nominations

Best HeroJames Bruce (Corpus Christi) for Captain Strapping
Best Double Act/CoupleBenjamin Kybett (Magdalen) and Luke Cozens (LMH) for Bertram and Watson
Emma New (St Hildas) and Sebastian Fox (Mansfield) for Gilbert and Sullivan
Best Portrayal of a Member of a Different GenderMaria Mateescu (Magdalen) for Dr Hopkins
Brigitte Stenhouse (Somerville) for Victor Francoise
Best WriterConnor Warden (St Edmund Hall), Benjamin Kybett (Magdalen) and Efi Gauthier (St Hugh's)
Best SongEmma New (St Hildas) and Perry Hartland-Asbury (Ex-Mansfield) for At the Theatre
Sir Hubert Parry, William Blake, Emma New (St Hildas), Maria Mateescu (Magdalen) and Perry Hartland-Asbury (Ex-Mansfield) for Final Song (i.e. Jerusalem)
Emma New (St Hildas) and Sebastian Fox (Mansfield) for Lost in the Jungle
Emma New (St Hildas) and Peter New for That's how explorers get their thrills
Best PropAll the maps
The Gem of Kukundu
Best cock-up during a performanceBrigitte Stenhouse (Somerville) for bowing excessively
Best cock-up backstage or during a rehearsalJudith Moore (Balliol) for "I AM THE BOOB GENIE!"
James Marsden (Corpus) for Curtain malfunctions
Best Ad LibJames Bruce (Corpus Christi) for "Does she even realise how many buttons I've undone?"
Adrian Clayton (Hertford (Graduated)) for Attempting to will bacon into existence
Perry Hartland-Asbury (Ex-Mansfield) for Confusing Luke with showtunes
Best Quote (during a show)Lord Carmichael: "And if I know my daughter....fornication"
The "Ooh you luvvie" Award for actually being able to actLuke Cozens (LMH) for Bertram
Tom Marshall for Flossie the Ocelot
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