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The Snow Queen (Michaelmas, 2011)


  • Gerda - Ellie “Dorothy” Armstrong
  • Kay - Joe “Word Games” Hermaszewski (Oriel)

Inhabitants of the Magical World

  • Jardis (The Snow Queen) - Emma “do or do not” Slattery (Merton)
  • Jareth (The Goblin King) - Thomas “little girls getting trapped in big mazes” Little (Hertford)
  • Aurora (The Fairy of the Northern Lights) - Jenni “I'm older than I look!” Godchild (Mansfield)

The Snow Queen's Court

  • Püsh (A goblin - Tuesday and Wednesday) - rob “I don't get it…” woolley (keble)
  • Püsh (A goblin - Thursday) - Rebecca “my knees” Nightingale (Filthy Brooks Interloper)
  • Shöve (A goblin) - Adrian “It's all part of the plan” Clayton (Hertford (Graduated))
  • Jakob (A professor) - Tim “Vat is all zis equipment?” Ledsam (Hertford)
  • Gregor (An equally proficient professor) - Ben “great undead tsunami” Below (Worcester)
  • Igor (An Igor) - Jonathan “Thecthual Prowethth” Lipscombe (Mansfield)
  • Tuuli (The Northern Wind) - Diran “One in the eye” Bodossian (Balliol)
  • Lumi (A Snowflake) - Morgan “Shut up, Bryn!” Wilkinson (Hertford)
  • Pyry (A Snowflake) - Clem “I only have one line to quote from!” Decau (Jesus College)
  • Tuisku (A Snowflake) - stephanie “Cliff-face” clarke (Hertford)

Inhabitants of the Big City

  • Greta (Gerda's Grandmother) - Bob “Million dollar figure” Hunt
  • Dieter - Bryn “caught by the ghosts” Griffiths (New College)
  • Dietmar - Emma “But I'm scared of the dark” New (St Hildas)
  • Dietrich - Sam “I was all for running away!” Young (Worcester)
  • Jens (A villager) - Péter “Bad jokes 'til morning light” Connell
  • Lars (A villager) - Christopher “OK here goes” Webster

The Flower Garden

  • The Old Crone - Rachel “Now I shall have her as “company”!” Hughes
  • Snowdrop - Alice “oh no, the crone's coming back!” Young (Hertford)
  • Buttercup - Merlin “it's glorious” Seller
  • Hyacinth - Alexandra “well we've got a smart one here” Brinkmann-Young
  • Bluebell - Marianne “She's a nice old woman, but she is lonely” McKenzie

The Palace of Kleinstadt

  • Rax (A talking crow) - Tim “Caw!” Skew
  • Terga (King of Kleinstadt) - Pippin “Coaches Galore” (Magdalen)
  • Drega (Princess of Kleinstadt) - Asha “Fetch a muff from my wardrobe” Hartland-Asbury (Brasenose)
  • Aky (Prince pf Kleinstadt) - Rory “…the exact description of my prince” Morrison (Mansfield)
  • Alot (Advisor to the throne of Kleinstadt) - James “Yes, your Highness” Marsden (Corpus)

The Band of Robbers

  • Hildegard (The Little Robber Girl) - Helen “just you and me now Flopsy” Britton
  • Gunhild (The Old Robber Hag) - Jessica “Rapturous Bling” Law (St.Anne's)
  • Rosvo - Peter “Still in prison” Bunyan
  • Varas - Hannah “How's the wife?” Snell (Balliol)
  • Rikos - Frances “Sorry, we were bored” Watson (Queen's)
  • Brott - Matthew “hired for the Royal wedding” Williams (mansfield)

Gerda's Friends in the North

And, by Special Magic and Science

  • Hans Christian Anderson - Robert “resurrected” Collins


Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best CostumeEmma New (St Hildas), Bryn Griffiths (New College) and Sam Young (Worcester) for Three Utterly ridiculous pairs of dungarees
Best Ad LibBen Below (Worcester) for “What does this do? Maybe it controls time? Maybe it controls time? Maybe it controls time?
Best Quote (during a show)Bob Hunt and Richard Owen (Ex-Lincoln) for the “Kartoffel-schinken-schubkarre-aale-fahrzeug-kaese-kuche-wursten-schnitzel” line
The “Ooh you luvvie” Award for actually being able to actTim Skew for Rax
The “Don't Shoot the Children in the Face” Award for Best Performance in a Schools/Homes show of a different part to in the student showRory Morrison (Mansfield) for One of the three D's

Flosscars Nominations

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