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Mailing Lists

To keep things vaguely organised, we run a number of mailing lists. We have recently changed over to a University Mailing List system, you can sign up at or email our webmistress Em to subscribe to one of our lists.

Announcement Mailing List

This is a low volume list, for annoucement of auditions and shows. Anyone who just wants to know when we're performing or auditioning should be on here. If you signed up at Fresher's Fair you will be on this. This list is open to anyone who want to know about OULES!

You can sign up at or email our webmistress Em to subscribe

Social Mailing List

This is a high volume list, for random ramblings, party planning, chums chatting… you get the picture. Anyone who has been involved in OULES and wants to join this list is welcome. If you want to subscribe, or you decide it is all too much, please use either or email Em

Cast Mailing List

This is a medium volume list, for the current show(s), with director's rants, props panics, etc etc. If you are in the current show(s) you have to be on this list, if you are not in the current play you shouldn't be on it!

You cannot subcribe or unsubscribe yourself from this list - it's all managed automagically after auditions. If you feel you shouldn't be on the list at all, please contact Em.

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