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The Canterbury Tales (Trinity, 2004)

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Poetically Licenced


  • Chaucer - Louise “I am NOT a drama Queen.” Sherlock (St John's)
  • Shelly / Hen 2 - Katherine “I wish I could think of another word for slut that started with S.” Oliver
  • Vicky / Hen 1 / Absolam - Andrea “I'm exceptionally talented?” Watts
  • Squire - Matthew “Call the fairy what? What have I done now?” Robinson (Wadham)
  • Knight / Knight / Nicholas - Christopher “so persuasive, and quite fit” Nairne
  • Mr Sebastian - Christopher “I wouldn't trust this lot to see me across the road.” Nairne
  • Nun's Priest / Loathly Lady - Duncan “unpleasant, hairy, pustulant, covered in boils, smelling of poo” Coutts (Worcester)
  • Pardonner - Will “I don't want a meaningless shotgun relationship.” Reynolds
  • Fairy / Random - Ruth “..and his buns are tight” Weyman
  • Prioress / Pertelote - Natalie “No, not French, BELGIAN” Wells
  • Man of Law / Chanticleer - Elizabeth “One of the most magnificent cocks you'll ever see.” Baldwin (Balliol)
  • Merchant / Fox / King Arthur - Harry “mmmmm, chickens, chickens, i'm going to eat them all up” Ullman (Wadham)
  • Miller / Carpenter - David “cluck cluck cluck, oooh don't you ruffle your feathers at me!” Hawker
  • Friar / Sexy Voice - Helen “I've never much gone in for the penitent sinner routine” Shield
  • Reeve / Random / Woman - Joanne “Just call him Primrose” Williams (Christ Church)
  • Wife of Bath / Alisoun - Dom “there are a lot of things under this elaborate headers that you don't know about!” Mattos (STB)
  • Queen / Hen 3 - Maddi “Shut up Arthur” Leary


Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best caricature of oneselfFlange for Vicky

Flosscars Nominations

Best heroLouise Sherlock (St John's) for Chaucer
Best heroineDom Mattos (STB) for Wife of Bath/Alisoun
The ooh you lovey award for actually being able to actRuth for the Fairy
Best duo/trioFlange and Katherine for Shelly and Vicky (and with Maddi as hens)
Best prop/piece of sceneryThe Leaves to hide behind
Best costumeKit for Knight, complete with real sword, colander helmet, and tinfoil shield
The Chicken Masks
Best dodgy accent (non French non Tom)Katherine for Essex accent
Duncan Coutts (Worcester) for old woman
Best dodgy French (non Tom) accentNat Mills (St Hilda's)
Best fuck upPilgrimage song
Flange for forgetting her lines when the pardoner came on in Canterbury tales and refusing to look at the clipboard because she thought it would look like she'd forgotten to learn her lines, when in fact she was meant to be looking at the clipboard…
Best cross-dresserDuncan Coutts (Worcester) for the withered old woman
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