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Robin Hood: Merrymen-T, Maidens and Madness (Hilary, 2009)

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Narrator - Tom “Hungry, cold and slightly moist” Bishop
  • Alfonso the Great - Charlotte “I’m dead, in case you haven’t noticed” Hindley (Mansfield)
  • Brian - Matthew “it’s time…” Williams (mansfield)
  • Basil - Emma “Choppy Choppy wabooo!” New (St Hildas)
  • Gladys - Eilise “GASP! The dirty swine!” Norris
  • Prudence - Hannah “HOWL! sob… sob…” Snell (Balliol)
  • Robin Hood - Mariel “over-sexed bitch” Harrison (St Hilda's)
  • Bill Magenta - Charlotte “homo..cidal bravery” Spurrell
  • Much Ado - Tom “cheating little furballs” Perkins (New)
  • Curved Slightly - Jessica “skilled in the ancient art of spoon playing” Law (St.Anne's)
  • Little John - Marcus “grossly inappropriate” Garner-Hatcher (Lincoln)
  • Maid Marian - Alice “Let’s mount up shall we?” Fletcher
  • Madame Miriam - Dan “I’ll show you a cock-up!” Artus (Regent's Park)
  • Sheriff of Nottingham - Ben “I'm evil, don't you know it?” Elliott
  • Henrietta - Kate “he’s only my first cousin” Morris (St Hildas)
  • Death - Sally “Ha. Ha. Ha.” Outen (Ex-Worcester)
  • Errol - Rob “quite a STRETCH” Day
  • Gertrude - Radostina “this muffin contains a number of things I don’t care for” Christova (St Hildas)
  • Florence -Alice “warm milk and your bear” Codner


Script and Programme

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