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Beauty and the Beast (Michaelmas, 2008)


  • Belle - Emma “Eat the damned rose!” New (St Hildas)
  • Beast - Dan “mostly roaches” Artus (Regent's Park)
  • Mr Sleck (The Butler) - Laith “devilishly handsome” Dilaimi
  • Rook (The Enchantress) - Catherine “cruel and unusual” Offord
  • Aunt Mandible - Catherine Offord
  • Belle's Mother - Lottie “So attractive when not being an idiot” Spurrell
  • Belle's Father - Tom “haunted by an inadequate mulling” Perkins (New)
  • Mayor - Laura “I like little shops” O'Connor
  • Unctuous Gaint (The Huntsman) - Tom “devilishly attractive young stallion” Bishop
  • Mrs Potts (The Castle Maid) - Marcus “I could do with a bit of perk” Garner-Hatcher (Lincoln)
  • Paperboy - rk “mmphle mmf” hughes (hertford)
  • Prince - Daniel “traditionally underground” Browne
  • Hamster - Sally “Squeak, squeak, squeak” Outen (Ex-Worcester)
  • Pete (A Rose Guard) - Rui “Buggery: A study of insects” Romalho
  • Bill (A Rose Guard) - Sean “still fashionable” Meritt
  • Rose - Liina “wolfs down sunlight” Pihel
  • Serving Wenches - Radostina Christova (St Hildas) and Emily Derbyshire
  • Mr Bleak (The Lunatic Asylum Director) - Jesse “How's Mother?” Harber
  • His Henchmen -
  • Mr Lockscreech - Daniel “lampshade” Browne
  • Mr Farrowhook - Duncan “wardrobe, wardrobe, wardrobe” Coutts (Worcester)
  • Mr Flay-Starling - Perry “more nonchalant than one would expect” Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield)
  • Mr Swallowgrave - Philip “dropped on passers-by” Scott
  • Mr Longwinter - Thomas “If I'd known, I'd have worn dirty socks today” Woolley (St Johns)
  • The Villagers -
  • Ogdred - Alice “I like potatos” Fletcher
  • Ethelred - Mike “Legs which open at the least provocation?” Bagshaw (Mansfield)
  • Zebedee - Daniel “exactly like a small rock” Rawnsley
  • Ulric - Mariel “Never underestimate a dibber” Harrison (St Hilda's)
  • Dotty - Fabby “completely barmy” Styles (Oriel)
  • Basil - Oli “Where's My Custard?” Gordon
  • Jeremy - Hugo “I've go a brand new combine harvester” Holmes
  • Irascible - Radostina “Say something else about legs” Christova (St Hildas)
  • Hyacinth - Kate “not that kind of yolk” Morris (St Hildas)
  • Lily - Eilise “more pets than limbs” Norris
  • Edgar - Jonathan “down the pub” Sims (St. Hilda's)
  • Allen - Matthew “stands to reason” Williams (mansfield)
  • Po - Sasha “But where do bees go to the loo?” McKenna (St Hildas)
  • Butcher - Mariel “Shrimp are boring” Harrison (St Hilda's)
  • Baker - Charlotte “I like yolks” Hindley (Mansfield)
  • Candlestick Maker - Jessica “Shrip = passion + excitement” Law (St.Anne's)


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