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Waiting for George-O (Hilary, 2021)

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Hello? I think you're on mute!

School's back (online) and a group project battle rages between the red and blue teams, in the greatest conflict ever to take place between primary colours. What actually is the group project? Who is George O? And how does the magic 8-ball (which may or may not be a god, it's a touchy subject) come into it?

The link to this show can be found here


Red Team

  • Izzy - Kay “This is method acting” Barrett (St Hilda's)
  • George - Fen “Child man” Brunt (Mansfield)
  • Cori - Ali “Therapeutic ranting” Witheford (Magdalen)
  • Big Kyle - Tom “okay guys jokes aside… HEEEEEEEHHAHAHAHAH” Vallely (Somerville)
  • Elaine - Ana “Knife goes there” Pagu (Linacre)

Blue Team

  • KJ - Charlie “What's cooler than being cool?” Gill (Green Templeton)
  • Fartacus Tobi “My profile picture is actually a cow” Wedel (Worcester)
  • Spockrates - Em “I think therefore I ban“ Fawcett (Wadham)
  • Jod - Ed “Actually” Tansley (St Anne's)


  • Mrs. Fenkins - Lily “Triangles never surprise me” Miles (Actual Adult)
  • Mrs. Chambers - Bethan “Chambers is derived from Chalmers, you get it? You got it.” Chambers Chalmers (St Hilda's)
  • Mr. Hubbard - Jake “Role of a lifetime” Caudwell (Magdalen)
  • Mr. Gains - Tom “*Frown Intensifies*” Vallely (Somerville)
  • Angus - Rebekka “I don't know but continue” Thur

8-Ball Cult

  • Other Neil - Val “FOR NERRRDER!” Gladkova (Merton)
  • Sharpie Girl - Maya “Give us a sec to draw an 8 on this orange” Walker (St Anne's)
  • Needy Nathan - Charlie “I want to look dishevelled” Howley (LMH)
  • 8-Ball Cult Missionary - Jahnavi “Just listen to the PROPHET” Bhatia

Reject Cult

  • Broken-Colour Daniel - Alice “I have evil laugh anxiety” Hackney (St John's)
  • Sidney - Alex “Accidentally went to Germany” Matkowska (Keble)
  • Mickey - Chloe “Downloading traitor photos” Pavey
  • Lunchables - Velina “I supported child sweatshops” Robinson (Mansfield)


  • Pixel/Python/H T M L - Alex “Which one is which again?” Matkowska (Keble)
  • Olly - Lily “Did I do good sir?” Miles (Actual Adult)
  • Olly’s mum - Will “Just wanted to be involved” Ainsworth (Teddy Hall)
  • Richard Head - Branoc “I'll see what comes out of my mouth” Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen)
  • Younger Sibling - Tom “Wait why do I have a beard?” Vallely (Somerville)
  • Narrator - Perry “In my bedroom” Hartland-Asbury (Ex-Mansfield)


  • Director - Will “I enjoyed you entirely” Ainsworth (Teddy Hall)
  • Assistant Directors
    • Jake “Your excommunication was excellent” Caudwell (Magdalen)
    • Jahnavi “It’s currently 4am…” Bhatia
  • Writer - Em “I don't remember writing this” Fawcett (Wadham)
  • Musical Director - Maya “Is everyone breathing?” Walker (St Anne's)
  • Producer Ana “Jokes later, marketing N O W” Pagu (Linacre)
  • Marketing Manager - Chloe “Things are occurring” Pavey
  • Marketing Assistant (aka Scribbles Wizard aka Scrizzard) - Lily “You misjudge my drawing skills” Miles (Actual Adult)
  • Head Editor - Charlie “What's that famous quote about insanity?“ Gill (Green Templeton)
  • Editors
    • Will “UNLEASH THE EDITORS” Ainsworth (Teddy Hall)
    • Fen “Will you be providing your own snores” Brunt (Mansfield)
    • Branoc “Generous with my filter girth” Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen)
    • Alex “Ascending to the bee movie universe” Matkowvska (Keble)
    • Maya “Can people stop being nice to me for a minute” Walker (St Anne's)
    • Alice “Shooting-related props” Hackney (St John's)


  • Not Paid for This
    • Lily “James and Katie, please don't fire me” Miles (Actual Adult)
    • Maya “Power ranger in a blender” Walker (St Anne's)
  • Our Leader Made us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Excommunicated (formerly Not a Cult)
    • Lily “Needs ominous percussion” Miles (Actual Adult)
    • Maya “Working at the brrrrr” Walker (St Anne's)
  • We Are the Evil Team
  • Who Said Rivalry is Dead?
    • Alex “Deep dive?” Matkowska (Keble)
    • Natalia “Alex’s mysterious friend” Studzińska
  • Do you want to join a death cult?
    • Em “Please don’t sue us” Fawcett (Wadham)
    • Walt “We will not sue you” Disney
  • Fork it, let's have a picnic
    • Tobi “I like cows in real life” Wedel (Worcester)
    • Tom “Mummy makes me mash my MnMs” Vallely (Somerville)
    • Ed “Life has crushed my only dream” Tansley (St Anne's)
  • Final song (Purple song)
    • Maya “No tension, only wiggle” Walker (St Anne's)



  • Jovica, lunadrive, danelle150055venter, inspectorj, breviceps, llusiet7,
  • timbre, OtisJames, zombie_expert, Debsound and others from
  • Additional sounds from
  • Original foley by Fen Brunt
  • Door knock, snoring, glass break, typing, and others by ZapSplat from
  • Hacker Entrance Jingle Copyright © 2011 Varazuvi™


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