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A Charming Little Murder Mystery (Hilary, 2003)

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6 acquaintances are left with 1 hour to discover whodunnit when Chemistry tutor Dr. Stevenson mysteriously dies at his retirement party.


  • Teddy Morley - Harry “The man who was in as deep as Dr Stevenson; who may have pulled Dr Stevenson into assisting criminals” Ullman (Wadham)
  • Albert Worthington - Dom “Albert. The academic genius.” Mattos (STB)
  • Torrie Stevenson - Courtney “Stuck up, snobby academic's daughter who's more adept with a pen than a darning needle.” Frogge
  • Dr Amelius Steveson - Andrea “He's dead. He doesn't have the strength to move a fence!” Watts
  • John Hughes - Rhi “I don't let the meaning fade out of those sorts of memories.” Mogridge
  • Lucie Hughes - Julia “A girl with charm, intelligence, worldliness and the ability to play a decent left back on the hockey pitch.” Short
  • Ralph Klayton - Rose “Too worldly perhaps to be a gentlemen?” Stanley (Balliol)
  • Betty - Rebecca “What's all this commotion?” Wolpe
  • Elspeth - Clare “Dead!!!” Cruise


  • Directors - Dom Mattos (STB) and Rakesh Bungar
  • Producer - Julia Short and noga zivan (Wadham)
  • Advertising - Andrea Watts
  • Special Thanks (for stepping in to play Albert at the very last minute and just generally for being rather wonderful.) - Dom Mattos (STB)
  • By - C Howdle (Wadham)

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

The ooh you lovey award for actually being able to actDom Mattos (STB) for Albert
Best on-stage fuck-up/mistakeRose for getting drunk on stage
Best last-minute ouleDom Mattos (STB) for Albert
Best inanimate objectThe tiny tea set
Best line-learnerDom Mattos (STB)

Flosscars Nominations

Best heroRhi for John
Best heroineCourtney for Torrie
Julia for Lucie
Best double actJulia
Best on-stage fuck-up/mistakeLydia for skipping 2 scenes of the panto
Harry Ullman (Wadham) for 'but what we should be discussing after everyone skipped lots of CLMM
The 'Beyond the call of duty' awardRose for drinking wine onstage
Dom Mattos (STB) for learning lines at last minute
Andrea for lying still for an hour
Keith for lighting
Best last-minute ouleClare for Betty
Best impersonation of a member of the opposite sexRose for Ralph
Best speechAndrea for toast speech
Best corpsingWhole of Charming Little Murder Mystery for all of “librarian of the month”
Best audienceOld people's home
Best caricature of oneselfRose for Ralph
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