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Aladdin (Michaelmas, 2002)

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Cross dressing. Princesses. Puns. Jokes in poor taste. Kidnappers. Lamps. Dancing girls. Genies. Princes. Flying carpets. Rodents. What more could you want?


The Goodies

  • Aladdin - Andrea “Those round, firm young buttocks” Watts
  • Genie G - Rakesh “I don't think the master-genie relationship stretches that far.” Bungar
  • Washerwoman - Dom “I'd like to tell you a story” Mattos (STB)

The House of Negg

  • King Size - Miles “Marvellous! Then it's time for drinks.” Gould
  • Queen Bea - Elizabeth “Nervous of all those young, strong lithe men?” Baldwin (Wadham)
  • Princess Leia - Helen “And the Princess, fair and kind is she” Pritchard

The Baddies

  • Evil Kidnappers - Tom Hart and Julia Short

The House of Djinn

  • King Ivor - Franco “Mwahahahah!” Woolfe
  • Queen Anita - Rose “Who's been munching my carpet?” Stanley (Balliol)
  • Prince Mustafa - C “Who'd want to marry Mustafa?” Howdle (Wadham)
  • Granny - noga zivan (Wadham)

The Army

  • Corporal Punishment - Christopher “Allow me to introduce my Privates to you.” Nairne
  • Private Function - Ruth “I like picking flowers!” Weyman
  • Private Parts - Harry “Sir, I propose a picnic.” Ullman (Wadham)
  • Private Tended - Sally “What?!” Close

The Randoms

  • Shopkeepers -
    • Lydia Menzies
    • Rhi Mogridge
  • Policemen -
    • Craig Walsh
    • Lisa Maule
  • Lord Buckingham - Duncan “It's me! Hurrah!” Coutts (Worcester)
  • Lord London Paddington - Craig “To beg the Princess' hand.” Walsh
  • Carpet Seller - Lisa “Sign here, and here, and here, and here” Maule
  • Jean-Pierre - Lucy “Scampering beneath ze blood red 'orror” Stone


  • Written by - Lydia Menzies and Catherine Mercuria
  • Directed by - Lydia Menzies
  • Produced by - Andrea Watts
  • Techie stuff - Mark Roberts and Gordon Nimmo-Smith


  • Spurious Rodent Song Words - Lydia Menzies
  • Senseless Immoral Song Words - Lydia Menzies
  • Senseless Immoral Song Music - Lydia Menzies and Mike Hallard (Queen's)
  • Keyboard - Mike Hallard (Queen's)

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best heroAndrea for Aladdin
Best heroineHelen for Princess Leia
The ooh you lovey award for actually being able to actDom Mattos (STB) for the Dame
Best inanimate objectThe tiny tea set
Best impersonation of a member of the opposite sexDom Mattos (STB) for Dame
Best speech“I'd like to tell you a story”
Best costumeDom Mattos (STB) for Dame
Best corpsingnoga zivan (Wadham) for all of the play
Best songLydia and Mike for The senseless immoral song
Lydia for A whole new vole
Best audienceAudience that applauded “no pun intended”

Flosscars Nominations

Best villainFranco for the King
Best Ad-LibDom Mattos (STB) for 'caffeine high'
Best double actRhi
The 'Beyond the call of duty' awardPhil for driving lots with costumes
Mark for lighting
Best last-minute ouleLydia for Genie
Best inanimate objectDom Mattos (STB) for His wig
Best impersonation of a member of the opposite sexC Howdle (Wadham) for Mustafa
Best speechGenie for rhymes
Granny for cats were cats
Best costumeAndrea for Aladdin
Rakesh for Genie
Best songLydia (Maybe) for Army song
Best dodgy accent/thpeech impedimentLucy for the Frenchman
Dom Mattos (STB) for the Dame
Best caricature of oneselfElizabeth Baldwin (Wadham) for the Randy Queen
Rakesh for the genie
Ruth for Private Function
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