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Robin Hood (Trinity, 2019)

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A tale of banditry, adventure and… tights. This is Robin Hood as you've never seen it before! What if Marian set up her own rival gang? Just how many dungeons does Prince John have? And how does a commando nun fit into all of this? Come and find out!


The Merry Men

  • Robin Hood - Charlie “I wish my legs looked that good in tights” Howley (LMH)
  • Little John - Velina “Assume the manly position” Robinson (Mansfield)
  • Will Scarlet - Tessa “Stop vibrating again” Brunt (Mansfield)
  • Alan A Dale - Jake “I can learn all my lines backstage, right?” Griffiths (Brasenose)
  • Friar Tuck - Jack “Resting Tuck face” Slater (St Edmund Hall)
  • Much - Olivia “Dramatic face” Boyd

The Mighty Maids

  • Maid Marian - Rachael “squeeeeaal” Twyford
  • Tiny Jacqueline - Willow “What's a programme quote?” Dove
  • Jill Crimson - Gabrielle “You won't fool us” Young (St Hilda's)
  • Ellen A Dale - Ana “Basically an Amazon Echo” Pagu (Linacre)
  • Sister Nip - Tzveta “Should I be French?” Pokrovska (LMH)
  • Many - Lily “Dramatic pose” Miles (Ex-Hertford)

The Baddies

  • Prince John - Valeriia “Deliciously creepy” Gladkova (Merton)
  • Sheriff of Nottingham - Becky “Dominate him” Hicks (Oriel)
  • Guy of Gisbourne - Em “Some guy” Fawcett (Wadham)
  • Guard Ian (Tues, Weds) - Jack “Just Ian things” Slater (St Edmund Hall)
  • Guard Ian (Fri) - Samanwita “…” Sen (Oriel)
  • Guard Ed - George “Best prop 2020” Tall (St Edmund Hall)

Assorted Others

  • Sir Godfrey - Edoardo “Golden underpants of victory” Lomi
  • Sir Cameo - Maddie “So confused” Leggett (St John's)
  • Mrs Miller - Rebecca “Everybody's Mummy” Barton (Regent's Park)
  • Miriam - Rebecca “Still everybody's mummy” Barton (Regent's Park)
  • Mary Anne - Maddie “Too much information” Leggett (St John's)
  • Prisoner - Markus “Does this count as a cameo?” Beeken (Brasenose)


  • Director - Lily “Face good, legs need work” Miles (Ex-Hertford)
  • Assistant Director - Will “stop vibrating” Ainsworth (St Edmund Hall)
  • Producer - Velina “Just delegate” Robinson (Mansfield)
  • Stage Manager - Maddie “Oh god not another quote” Leggett (St John's)
  • Musical directors -
  • Written By - Asha “So good they did it twice” Hartland-Asbury (Brasenose)


  • Into the Wild Green Yonder
  • We're Not Afraid
  • Marian, Oh Marian
  • I Could
  • You and Me in Nottingham
  • Marry Me, Marian
    • Lily “Up the creep” Miles (Ex-Hertford)
    • Jake “How many quotes do I have to think of!?” Griffiths (Brasenose)
  • This Outlaw Is Not Done
  • Finale
    • Jake “Is anyone going to get this?” Griffiths (Brasenose)
    • Markus “Do we even care at this point?” Beeken (Brasenose)

Script and Programme

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