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Connor Warden

User Level : Ex-ÜberOULE
Colleges :

  • St Edmund Hall from 2013

Family Tree


Michaelmas 2013Happily Ever AfterEvil
Trinity 2014Why, JeevesOdin
Bingo Little
Michaelmas 2014The First GnoelDavid Battenburg
Musical Director
Hilary 2015Intrepid!Written by


Happily Ever After

  • I'm Evil
  • Four Tea Thieves!

The First Gnoel

  • Give the peole what they want
  • Just Grasp Your Rod
  • Christmas Elves
  • Finale

Flosscar Wins

2014•Best Bad Guy/Villain for Evil (Happily Ever After)
•Best Double Act/Couple for Evil and Stench (Happily Ever After)
•Best cock-up during a performance for Making a child cry with his first word (Happily Ever After)

Flosscar Nominations

2014•The “Ooh you luvvie” Award for actually being able to act for Evil (Happily Ever After)
2015•Best Writer (Intrepid!)
•Best Ad Lib for An infuriated “THERE ARE BITE MARKS IN IT!” following moose-sheet-music-digestion (The First Gnoel)
•Best Worst Line-learner for David Battenberg (The First Gnoel)
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