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Noga Zivan

User Level : Ex-ÜberOULE
Colleges :

  • Wadham from 1999

Family Tree




Michaelmas 1999Dick WhittingtonCopper Piping
Hilary 2000Charley's AuntKitty Verdun
Trinity 2000Good Show, Jeeves!Aunt Agatha
Michaelmas 2000Dick TurpentineBob Lampwick
Hilary 2001An Ideal HusbandAdapted by
Trinity 2001Arsenic and Old LaceOfficer O’Hara
Hilary 2002The Canterville GhostMrs. Otis
Trinity 2002The Three MusketeersConstance Bonacieux
Michaelmas 2002AladdinGranny
Hilary 2003Wind In The WillowsRatty
Trinity 2003Robing Hood and the Legumes of DoomFred

Flosscar Wins

2000•Best Heroine for Kitty Verdun (Charley's Aunt)
•Best Love Scene for “Try me Jack!” (Charley's Aunt)
•Best offstage tantrum for refusing to kiss Richard Shaw (Charley's Aunt)
2001•OULE of the Year
2002•Best last-minute OULE for Fairy Lea (Sleeping Beauty)
2003•Best corpsing for all of the play (Aladdin)

Flosscar Nominations

2001•Best hero for Bob Lampwick (Dick Turpentine)
•Best Love Scene for Bob and Vera Dick Turpentine
•Best off stage tantrum for one of the nursing homes (An Ideal Husband)
•Best off stage tantrum for four actors hadn't showed up at the Mabel Pritchard School (Dick Turpentine)
•Best Director (An Ideal Husband)
2002•Best Ad-Lib for talking about tennis while Duncan wouldn't come on (The Canterville Ghost)
2003•Best corpsing for mother joke (Wind In The Willows)
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