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Patrick Painter

User Level : ÜberOULE
Colleges :

  • St Anne's from 2020

Family Tree


Trinity 2022A Midsummer Night's Fever DreamPianist
Michaelmas 2022Macbeth: The MusicalDirector
Script Editor
Hilary 2023Whodunnit?Tompkins
Script Editor
Trinity 2023Knights, Camera, Action!Nova
Music Director


Macbeth: The Musical

  • The Scottish Play


  • Whodunnit?

Knights, Camera, Action!

  • Spontanei-tea (Music)
  • Final song (Music)

Flosscar Wins

2023•Best Song - Whodunnit? (Whodunnit?)
•Best Directorial Team - Macbeth: The Musical

Flosscar Nominations

2023•Best Morally Ambiguous Character - Tompkins (Whodunnit?)
•Best Group/Double Act - Mabel and Tompkins (Whodunnit?)
•Best Song - The Scottish Play (Macbeth: The Musical)
•Best Cock-Up Backstage or During a Rehearsal - “I haven't seen this side of you before”/“What, the front?” (Macbeth: The Musical)
•Best Cock-Up Backstage or During a Rehearsal - “His body is still hanging in the hallway” (Whodunnit?)
•Best Programme Quote - “Be more like Maya” (Macbeth: The Musical)
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