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Samuel Swinnerton

User Level : Ex-ÜberOULE
Colleges :

  • Queen's from 2008

Family Tree




Trinity 2010Poirot: A MusicalHastings
Musical Director
Songs by
Trinity 2010The Last Cow in NowheresvilleMusical Director
Songs by
Hilary 2011Batman: The PantomimePianist
Musical Contributions

Flosscar Wins

2010•The “Sally Outen” Award for Most Gloriously Surreal Moment for The Hallucination Scene (Villainy!)
2011•Best Song for The Joker Song (Batman: The Pantomime)

Flosscar Nominations

2011•The “M-Tropolis and M-Town” award for Best Double Act/Couple for Poirot and Hastings (Poirot: A Musical)
•Best Directing Team (The Last Cow in Nowheresville)
•Best Directing Team (Poirot: A Musical)
•Best Song for Batman you are an arsehole (Batman: The Pantomime)
•Best Song for It's Over (Batman: The Pantomime)
•Best Song for Alfred's Rap (Batman: The Pantomime)
•Best Song for Nothing Ever Happens Here In Nowheresville (The Last Cow in Nowheresville)
•The “Don't Shoot the Children in the Face” Award for Best Performance in a Schools/Homes show of a different part to in the student show for Dame Madeira (Peter Pan The Pantomime)
2012•Best Song for Everything's <adjective> (Piracy!)
•Best Song for Sacrifice for Love (Piracy!)
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