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Sebastian Fox

User Level : Ex-ÜberOULE
Colleges :

  • Mansfield from 2014

Family Tree




Michaelmas 2014The First GnoelGnorman
Hilary 2015Intrepid!Gilbert
Trinity 2015Robin HoodFriar Tuck
Michaelmas 2015Fairest of them AllAssistant Director
The Gingerbread Man
Trinity 2016Off With Their HeadsAssistant Director



  • Lost in the Jungle

Flosscar Wins

2015•Best Portrayal of a Member of a Different Gender for Gnorman and his rod (The First Gnoel)
2016•Best Directing Team (Fairest of them All)

Flosscar Nominations

2015•Best Hero for Gnorman (The First Gnoel)
•Best Double Act/Couple for Gilbert and Sullivan (Intrepid!)
•Best Song for Lost in the Jungle (Intrepid!)
2016•Best Morally Ambiguous Person for Friar Tuck (Robin Hood)
•Best Costume for Friar Tuck (Robin Hood)
•Best Ad-Lib for 'Run, run, as fast as you can – it's a running gag!' (Fairest of them All)
2017•Best Directing Team for Off With Their Heads (Off With Their Heads)
•The 'Beyond the Call of Duty' Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty for Offering to learn an entire part when it looked like a cast member was going to be ill (It’s All Greek To Me)
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