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Dick Turpentine (Michaelmas, 2000)

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Not only is it the only pantomime to be named after its villain, Dick Turpentine also features a full cast of goodies and baddies, including dames, fairies, imps and assorted random characters. With robberies, kidnap and blackmail, who needs a comprehensible plot? Shout at the baddies, yell they're behind you at appropriate intervals, cheer the good guys on and generally behave like a load of five year olds. Please leave your maturity and inhibitions at the entrance so that they do not block the fire exits.


  • Bob Lampwick - noga “A Lampwick by any other name would smell as much” zivan (Wadham)
  • Vera de Vere - Danielle “I'll have you know I've got a black belt in origami” Cotter
  • Dick Turpentine (AKA Sir Richard Hogswash) - Kate “It's a good job you're a talented criminal, sir!” Broadhurst
  • Whitewash - Rhi “Whitewash, you are a useless slop bucket!” Mogridge
  • Uleich the Ultimate Baddie - Franco “You really do have a marvellous criminal mind, sir!” Woolfe
  • Fairy Blobmother - Elizabeth “I keep forgetting to speak in rhyme and I get it wrong half the time.” Baldwin (Wadham)
  • Lady de Vere - Catherine “The stuck up old hag from the castle, who hasn't smiled since 1921!” Harrison
  • Dame Lampwick - Duncan “The foul mouthed washerwoman from the village?” Coutts (Worcester)
  • Gobby - Suzanne “Ever since he swallowed that dictionary, it's been impossible to understand him.” Calebrese
  • Humpty Dumpty - Dev “Look at me - I'm an egg!” Gangjee
  • Policemen -
    • Liz Norman
    • Michael Mansour
    • Alice Volmera


  • Director - Liz Norman
  • Producer - noga zivan (Wadham)
  • Script - Liz Norman (helped and hindered by the cast)

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