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Fen Brunt

User Level : OULE
Colleges :

  • Mansfield since 2018

Family Tree


Michaelmas 2018AladdinGuard Robin
Hilary 2019Everyone Dies At The EndMechant
Trinity 2019Robin HoodWill Scarlet
Michelmas 2019 The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors Alex
Hilary 2020Channel HoppersAlfie Atkins
Trinity 2020The Radio Show at the End of the WorldWeather Man
Officer Letdown
Sound Editing
Michaelmas 2020Cinderella The MusicalVelcro
Additional SFX
Hilary 2021Waiting for George-OGeorge

Flosscar Wins

Flosscar Nominations

2019•Best Couple for War and Mechant (Everyone Dies at the End)
•Best Cock-Up During a Performance for corpsing while being a corpse (Aladdin)
2020•Best Heroic Character for Alfie Atkins (Channel Hoppers)
•Best Group/Double Act for The Merry Men (Robin Hood)
•Best Group/Double Act for Vic and Alex (The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors)
•Best Group/Double Act for Sean Bean and Alfie (Channel Hoppers)
•Best Couple for Tony and Danny (The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors)
•Best Spurious Accent for Alfie Atkins (Channel Hoppers)
•Best Performance of a Song for Ghosts Need Therapy (The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors)
•Best Best Prop for Channel Hoppers' Remotes (Channel Hoppers)
•Best Best Prop for Riley the Dragon (Channel Hoppers)
•Best Cock-Up During a Performance for their Bow Breaking in their First Scene (Robin Hood)
•Best Cock-Up During a Performance for Not Colliding, But Em Yeeting Herself to the Ground Anyway (Robin Hood)
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