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Jeeves (Term, 2018)

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For Bertie Wooster, things are going swimmingly in his life as a debonair man about town. But when a message appears bearing a summons from his fearsome Aunt Dahlia, he’s off back to Oxford with a sense of foreboding, even if he has got that jewel among valets, Jeeves, at his side. Among the dreaming spires he’ll face a whole catalogue of horrors- terrifying relatives, amphibian-addled girls who want to marry him, over-enthusiastic boy scouts and not one but two of the most incompetent sets of political extremists Oxford has seen. Will Jeeves be able to extricate him before he ends up in the Cherwell…. or worse, married? So sit back and enjoy as the ‘What-hos’ fly through the air and the evening sun beams down on the banks of the river. Pip-pip!


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