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Andrew Raynes

User Level : Oule
Colleges :

  • Somerville from 2021

Family Tree


Michaelmas 2021A Christmas CaroleGhost of Holidays Past
Fight Choreography
Marketing Assistant
Hilary 2022RumpelstiltskinSam 1
Graphic Design
Trinity 2022 A Midsummer's Night Fever DreamGraphic Designer
Script Editor

Flosscar Wins

2022 A Christmas Carole:
*Best marketing campaign

Flosscar Nominations

2022 A Christmas Carole:
*Best Couple for Carole and Holidays Past \\*Best Group/Double Act for Holiday ghosts
Best Heroic Character for Holidays Past
*Best Ad-Lib for “Dreams seem more believable than this… OULES show thing”
*Best Best Prop for Rumpelstiltskin Money
*Best Group/Double Act for the Sams
*Best Morally ambiguous Character for Sam
*Best Noise for voice break in the exam scene
*Best Programme Quote for “Exam anxiety… this is pure method”
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