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Past Shows


Katie Moore

Level: Ex-ÜberOULE

  • Magdalen from 2012
  • Ex-Magdalen from 2016

Family Tree


Trinity 2014Why JeevesLenny (Wednesday, Thursday)
Michaelmas 2014The First GnoelMaximoose
Hilary 2015Intrepid!Burton
Trinity 2015Robin HoodRobin Hood
Michealmas 2015Fairest of the AllEdna Ville-Wytch
Jim, The Sheepboy
Tree #3
Writer #2
Hilary 2016Let's Steal the Crown Jewels!Sherlock Holmes
Co-Assistant Director
Trinity 2016Off With Their Heads!Writer
Michaelmas 2016The Evil Stepmothers' ClubHook
Hilary 2017It's All Greek To MeSilenus
Trinity 2017A Plaice in the SunDirection/Production
Hilary 2018The Sensational Story of the SplashProducer
Lighting Technician
Hilary 2019Everyone Dies At The EndWriter


Why Jeeves

  • We Would Hug if We Weren't so British

Fairest of the All

  • The Big Bad Wolf Song
  • I'm Red Riding Hood

Let's Steal the Crown Jewels!

  • Finale (Lyrics)

Off With Their Heads!

  • Bake it Off
  • About Time
  • Don't Lose Your Head

It's All Greek To Me

  • Silenus' Training

A Plaice in the Sun

  • Final Song

Flosscar Wins

2015•Best Ad-Lib for While being chased by the Ocelot: “Quick, it can't follow us upstairs.” “THAT'S DALEKS” (Intrepid!)
2016•Best Writer(s) (Fairest of them All)
2018•Best Directing Team (A Plaice in the Sun)
•Best Marketing Campaign (The Sensational Story of the Splash)
•Best Worst Prop for the Hole (A Plaice in the Sun)
•Best Cock-Up Backstage or During a Rehearsal (The Sensational Story of the Splash)
2019•Best Script for Everyone Dies at the End
•Best Quote from a Script for Odin's Sexual Exploits (Everyone Dies at the End)

Flosscar Nominations

2015•Best Hero for Maximoose (The First Gnoel)
•Best Song for We would hug if we weren't so British (Why Jeeves)
2016•Best Hero for Robin Hood (Robin Hood)
•Best Hero for Sherlock Holmes (Let's Steal the Crown Jewels!)
•Best Double Act/Couple for Robin Hood and Maid Marian (Robin Hood)
•Best Double Act/Couple for Sherlock Holmes and John Watson (Let's Steal the Crown Jewels!)
•Best Directing Team (Let's Steal the Crown Jewels!)
•Best Song for Red Riding Hood, Bitch (Fairest of the All)
•Best Song for Stealing is a Crime (Let's Steal the Crown Jewels!)
•Best Cock-up During a Performance for breaking a staff (Robin Hood)
•Best Ad-Lib for 'Now I have two' (Robin Hood)
•The 'Beyond the Call of Duty' Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty for the advertising campaign (Fairest of the All)
2017•Most Spurious Accent for Hook (The Evil Stepmothers' Club)
•Most Spurious Accent for Silenus (It's All Greek To Me)
•Best Writer(s) (Off With Their Heads!)
•Best Song for Hero Be (It's All Greek To Me)
•Best Costume for Silenus (It's All Greek To Me)
•Best Best Prop for Rules of Bridge (Off With Their Heads!)
•Best Worst Line-Learner (It's All Greek To Me)
•The 'Ooh you luvvie' Award for Actually Being Able to Act for Silenus (It's All Greek To Me)
•The 'Beyond the Call of Duty' Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty for Standing in as Top Trump at the last minute when Georgie was called unexpectedly to Madagascar (Off With Their Heads!)
2018•Best Marketing Campaign (A Plaice in the Sun)
•Best Worst Prop for the Explosion Rubble (A Plaice in the Sun)
2019•Best Audience Participation/Heckle for “Benjamin!” (Scones in the Morning)
•Best Audience Participation/Heckle for “It's not a dark secret, it's a moustache” (Scones in the Morning)
•Best Quote from a Script for “I AM IN PEAK PHYSICAL CONDITION FOR MURDER” (Everyone Dies at the End)
•Best Quote from a Script for “I AM ALSO CONFUSED BY THIS” (Everyone Dies at the End)
•Best Quote from a Script for “I'm millennia old dad, I know about sex.” (Everyone Dies at the End)
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