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Sofia Gomezllata

User Level : OULE
Colleges :

  • St Anne's from 2015

Family Tree


Michaelmas 2015Fairest of them AllTree #2
Trinity 2016Off With Their HeadsTreasurer Uno
Michaelmas 2016Evil Stepmothers’ ClubMonty (Head)
Hilary 2017It’s All Greek To MeDelphine
Trinity 2017A Plaice in the SunBrenda

Flosscar Wins

2018•Best Cock-Up During a Performance for the Donkey Beheading (A Plaice in the Sun)

Flosscar Nominations

2016•Best Best Prop for the Fairy Interns' Wands (Fairest of them All)
2017•Best Hero for Monty (Evil Stepmothers’ Club)
•Best Heroine for Delphine (It’s All Greek To Me)
•Best Ad-Lib for The insightful monologues of Monty (Evil Stepmothers’ Club)
2018•Best Couple for the Donkey Costumes (A Plaice in the Sun)
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