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Tristan Cresswell

User Level : Ex-ÜberOULE
Colleges :

  • Sheffield from 2015


Hilary 2015Intrepid!Harriet Carmichael
Trinity 2015Robin HoodGuard Ian
Michaelmas 2015Fairest of them AllApplepip
Hilary 2016Let’s Steal the Crown JewelsGary
Trinity 2016Off With Their HeadsNine of Clubs
Two of Spades
Michaelmas 2016Evil Stepmothers’ ClubMonty (Butt)
Hilary 2017It’s All Greek To MeAlcibiades
Trinity 2017A Plaice in the SunFrancine

Flosscar Wins

Flosscar Nominations

2016•Best Best Prop for the Fairy Interns' Wands (Fairest of them All)
•Best Cock-up During a Performance for falling off the stage while carrying a flipchart (Let’s Steal the Crown Jewels)
2017•Best Hero for Monty (Evil Stepmothers’ Club)
•Best Best Prop for Rules of Bridge (Off With Their Heads)
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