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This is an archive of all the News that's been posted to the OULES Website since Time Immemorial (or, well, 2002). If you're looking for more archives, have a look at our past shows or join our mailing lists and have a look at the archives.

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Finally, International Fame

The plan to take over the world is progressing nicely. Some 'bumbling Alaskans' are considering staging our version of The Three Musketeers. Impressed yet?

Posted by Monty on 24/10/2002

New OULES meet on Sunday

If you've only just found out about us, you can come along on this Sunday (i.e. 20/10/02) and meet Cath, our president, at 7:45 in Wadham lodge before coming along to our rehearsal at 8.

Be warned, though, that there are only a couple of small speaking parts left as well as several parts doing silly dancing. Usually we would write in more parts for everyone but it's just not do-able right now.

Still, coming to rehearsals and sitting at the sides eating biscuits is a giggle whether or not you're acting, and we'll sort you out with good parts next term.

Posted by Monty on 19/10/2002

Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals will be every Wednesday and Sunday, 8pm-10pm, in Wadham Old Seminar Room. If you're late or skiving without reasonable excuse you will incur biscuit tax. If you want to be involved but haven't contacted us yet, email Lid but be warned that we have a fairly full cast now.

Posted by Monty on 17/10/2002

This Term's Production

The production for Michaelmas term 2002 will be Aladdin. It is currently being written by Lid, Cath, Andrea and assorted other geniuses. Genii? Um. Anyway, the bits I have seen are pythonesque miracles of bad punning. So it will be good. It will be directed by Lid.

Posted by Monty on 14/10/2002

New Committee

We have a new committee. They are the lovely:
President - Cath Howdle (Wadham College)
President of Vice - Rakesh Bungar (Wadham College)
Treasurer - Andrea Watts (Brasenose College)
Secretary - Julia Short (Queens' College)

Contact them if you want anything.

Posted by Monty on 14/10/2002

Voles 2002

We went on holiday to Wales earlier this summer. It was great. And now we have a reporty diary thingy by Cath

Posted by Monty on 14/10/2002
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