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This is an archive of all the News that's been posted to the OULES Website since Time Immemorial (or, well, 2002). If you're looking for more archives, have a look at our past shows or join our mailing lists and have a look at the archives.

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New Look Site

At last, I've got round to putting up Beth's awesome design up, and now I'm going to make sure the links all go to where they say they do, and everything is up to date. This will probably take a while though. And be warned, if you click on some of them you'll end up in the old site, and you may not make it back again.

Posted by Monty on 17/07/2008

VOLES 2008

Varsity Oxbridge Light Entertainment Society, basically OULES and CULES go camping!

Posted by Monty on 20/06/2008

Lastly, STASH!

Discussion is raging on -social as to what everybody wants, and at some point we might manage to decide on something.

If you want any more info about any of this, email someone and ask. Preferably a Dan.

By the way, the menu on the left doesn't do anything (yet….).

Posted by Monty on 11/06/2008

-AGM- Probably.

We all go for a meal after the first night show, and agree with the nominations for next year's committee. More on that at a later date…

Posted by Monty on 10/06/2008

Garden Performances

Wadham Warden's Garden on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

Posted by Monty on 09/06/2008

Two Shades of Blue Auditions

OULES and CULES go to the Edinburgh Fringe! You'll need to be around in August.

Posted by Monty on 05/05/2008

Something's different…
Posted by Monty on 24/04/2008

A Funny thing… performances.

St Johns College Auditorium, 8th week, Wednesday 7.30, Thursday 7.30, Friday 6.30. Be there or be … somewhere else? There's a facebook group here, if you're that way inclined.

Posted by Monty on 15/02/2008

Some really 'new' news.

sort of, anyway. As -social may have told you, we don't have the Moser for 8th week, and are in the process of finding somewhere else. Everything seems under control, but if you do have a particularly good suggestion, email one of the Dans with it.
Secondly, we're also looking for writers for our trinity term plays. As I understand it we will have about four short shows, ~30 minutes long each; thus allowing opportunities for first time writers to have a go, or for if you've had a great idea but not the time to turn it into an epic yet, or if you just want to orchestrate a bit of Lightly Entertaining Silliness.

Posted by Monty on 04/02/2008

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Rome

is this terms show, an 'ancient' Greek comedy with a twist. You've missed the auditions by now, but you could always email the directors (Jon Foulds or Iona Sharma) if you want to know more. This term we're doing a separate 8th week show, 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Rome', and a musical review to be taken to old peoples' homes. I would imagine that, as usual, 'A Funny Thing…' will be on Tuesday to Thursday of 8th week, at about 7.30 in the Moser Theatre, Wadham; however exact confirmation will… emerge… nearer the time. There have, of course, been other performances between news updates, such as our panto Aladdin last term; but as they have all alreedy happened, they're not exactly news anymore. Hence, I won't be telling you where and when auditions were, or anything else like that.

Posted by Monty on 29/01/2008
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