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This is an archive of all the News that's been posted to the OULES Website since Time Immemorial (or, well, 2002). If you're looking for more archives, have a look at our past shows or join our mailing lists and have a look at the archives.

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Performance times for 'Cinderella'

Featuring three dames and a dancing horse!
Cinderella will be performed in the Moser Theatre, Wadham college
Wednesday 3rd December at 7:30pm and Thursday 4th December at 7pm (that's 8th week)
Tickets £3 / £2 concessions

Posted by Monty on 24/11/2003

Auditions for Cinderella - Wednesday of 1st week

This term's wonderful panto is Cinderella, and the auditions are Wednesday of 1st week. Oh, I just said that. That's 15th Oct. 7:30pm, Wadham Old Seminar room. If you can't make that time, contact our new President who is also directing the panto, Ruth Weyman

Posted by Monty on 10/10/2003

Auditions for Robin Hood

Robin Hood, with or without some Plant of Doom, is the play for this term. Auditions are this Sunday, (ie 27th April) 8-10pm, in Wadham Old Seminar room. Contact this term's director, Emily, for more details or if you miss the auditions.

Posted by Monty on 24/04/2003

We are OULES once more!

Our registration with the proctors is now sorted, and so we have the 'University' back in our name. I'll replace oules with oules throughout the website when I can be bothered.

Posted by Monty on 22/04/2003

Plans for Voles

There is a provisional plan for voles! We might go to this place! If you're wanting to come, let Cath know. Someone from cules is organising which plays we do etc.

Posted by Monty on 22/04/2003

Varsity Match Details

For one night only, a chance to see one of the most exciting battles of light entertainment of our time. Charley's Aunt is to be given another airing. Cambridge take the first act, we take the second, and the third act is a battle to the death - or at least to the corpse. Three acts, two casts, one play - CARNAGE! How can you miss this?

Sunday 22nd June (9th week) at 7pm in the Moser Theatre, Wadham college. Tickets £4/£3 concessions.

Posted by Monty on 16/04/2003

Flosscars has taken place!

Last night we had our annual award ceremony. For a full list of the nominations and winners, see the flosscars page. We also elected a secretary for next year, so the new committee is complete and is:
President - Ruth Weyman Lady Margret Hall
President of Vice - Dominic Matthos St. Benet's
Treasurer - Sally Close Mansfield College
Secretary - Yvette Dann Magdalene College

Posted by Monty on 14/04/2003

Performance Times for 'Robin Hood and the Legumes of Doom'

Yes, I know I didn't get round to putting this up before the performances, but thought it should be here anyway for completeness. Anyway, it was on Wed - Fri of 7th week, ie 11th-13th June, in Wadham Warden's Garden, at 6pm. And it was lovely, sorry if you missed it.

Posted by Monty on 14/04/2003

Performance Times for 'The Wind in the Willows'

Wed and Thurs 8th week, that's 12th and 13th March, at 8pm in Wadham's Moser Theatre. Tickets £3 / £2 concessions.

Posted by Monty on 28/02/2003

Dates for Voles

Voles this year will be 11th week, 6th-12th July, not 10th week.

Posted by Monty on 28/02/2003

Auditions for 'The Three Musketeers', to be taken to the Edinburgh Festival

Yes, we're taking our Young Person's Railcards in our hands and going to Edinburgh. We should be there for the first week in August. If you want to join us, come and audition this Sunday (1 March) in Wadham's New Seminar Room, 12-4pm.
More info on the whole shenanigans:

Posted by Monty on 28/02/2003

Auditions for 'The Wind in the Willows' and 'A Charming Little Murder Mystery'

Auditions will be held this Wednesday, ie 22nd Jan, in Wadham Old Seminar Room, 8pm-10pm. If you miss auditions but still want to be involved, email the directors: Miles, Dominic and Rakesh

Posted by Monty on 21/01/2003

Front of house volunteers wanted for someone else's panto

WANTED: Front of House Volunteers for Kennington Amateur Dramatics Society production of:

Alice in Wonderland

in Kennington Village Hall

Thu 23 Jan (eve)
Fri 24 Jan (eve)
Sat 25 Jan (mat & eve)
Thu 30 Jan (eve)
Fri 31 Jan (eve)
Sat 1 Feb (mat & eve)

Friendly bunch of people, great fun!
Contact Victoria after 6pm

Posted by Monty on 14/01/2003

Lots of news

Aladdin was a huge success - very silly, big audiences, groans galore.

We went to South London for New Year and had a great view of all the fireworks across the whole city. Also spent three days in a big room with some people from Cambridge playing 3-D noughts and crosses. I think there might have been some booze too.

This term we're doing TWO PLAYS!!! There are so many of us now!! They will be 'The wind in the Willows' as adapted by James Needham and revised by Ben Parker, and 'A Charming Little Murder Mystery' as written by the wonderful Cath Howdle. Miles Gould and Dominic Mattos will be directing, auditions will be early in term and I'll shove times up here when I know.

Posted by Monty on 13/01/2003
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